Areas of Concentration

Choose the Knowledge You Want to Pursue

The Concentrations in the MBA Program at Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business (RCB) help make it one of the most flexible and customizable programs in the country. A Concentration is a cluster of coursework focused on a relevant area of business knowledge, such as Data Analytics, Supply Chain, Finance, Sustainability, and much more (click below to explore RCB Concentrations).

MBA Concentrations are designed to build expertise and prepare students for top-notch careers in their field.

Accounting | Cannabis Commercialization | Data Analytics | Entrepreneurship | Finance | HR Management | Management | Organizational Leadership | Sustainable Business | Management Information Systems (MIS) | Supply Chain and Logistical Systems

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Students at Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business customize their degree pathways based on career goals and employer, workplace, and industry demands. Join one of the most flexible and customizable MBA programs in the country to:

  • hone your skills in specific targeted areas of business;
  • explore building knowledge across sectors;
  • expand your insights; and
  • and set yourself apart from the competition.

All Rowan MBA students pursue the same 18 credits to satisfy core requirements of the 36-credit curriculum. Rowan MBA students also enjoy the freedom of customizing 18 credits to meet their career pursuits.

How Core Requirements and Concentrations make 36 total credits for the MBA:

Credit options


Learn crucial skills for a career path as a CPA, tax manager, budget analyst, and auditing manager and for moving toward VP or Chief Accounting Officer. Master budgeting process and operational planning. Gain insights into subsidiaries, partnerships, intercompany transactions, mergers, and acquisitions.

Cannabis Commercialization

Explore competitive dynamics, opportunities for innovation, and the current business landscapes of the rapidly evolving and highly regulated cannabis industry. Delve into concepts and constructs that are unique to the cannabis industry while investigating business model innovations that are applicable across industries.

Data Analytics

Become an exceptional critical thinker and learn how to solve business problems using software, data, and computational tools. Improve your organizational efficiency and gain experience in data mining, statistical analysis, data engineering, data warehousing, business intelligence and strategy, data visualization and presentation, and operations-related data analytics.


Explore innovation while developing your entrepreneurial skills. Learn about the challenges and processes involved in startups, venture capital, real estate, corporate innovation, new product development, and sales. Entrepreneurial mindsets offer unique opportunities to transform the world we live in.


Prepare for a career path in finance, from security analysis, wealth and investment management, to financial or loan management, investment banking, personal financial advising, and retirement planning. Delve into financial coursework that combines quantitative techniques with practical experience. Ideal for those in pursuit of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certifications.

HR Management

Master hiring, recruiting, training, and managing staff to promote a safe, healthy, and successful work environment. Learn to cultivate a strong company culture and ensure it aligns with corporate policy. Build an exciting career path in HR in corporate training, credit management, labor relations, or as a payroll specialist, training manager, or compensation specialist.


Gain the insights, knowledge, and skills necessary for planning, supervising, and making decisions for organizations of all types. Learn responsible decision-making, strategic planning, organizational interrelationships, process analysis, predictive analytics, global leadership, and organizational culture.

Organizational Leadership

Explore business ethics and the nuances of leadership in a multinational world while honing your ability to influence and empower teams with diverse backgrounds. Learn strategies for cultivating an exceptional organizational culture and achieving high-quality results within corporate, government, or not-for-profit entities.

Sustainable Business

Examine the impacts of “green” industries, products, and business practices. Gain expertise on how to implement sustainability in areas ranging from operations and product design to finance, marketing, and human resources management.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Discover how to lead organizations to reach maximum benefits from a person-first technology perspective. Grow skill sets in project management, business solutions, information utilization, technological resources, database management, and investing in personnel, equipment, and business processes in a world of rapidly changing technology.

Supply Chain and Logistical Systems

Prepare for an in-demand career that spans industry sectors and services the world. Explore commercial management, business logistics, and supply chain optimization modeling for corporate, government, and nonprofit realms. Learn to strategize and innovate to achieve highest quality assurance and maximum efficiency for any organization.