Fellowship Awards

Fellowship Awards

Fellowship Awards

MBA and MS Finance Scholarship Funding Award Range

MBA and MS Finance Awards range from $500 to $30,000, per student, in total.

Awards are distributed semester-by-semester, based on credits enrolled, projects being pursued, status of progress on projects, and individual Fellow Award agreement details.

Awards granted will be applied directly to tuition and fees.

Determination of Funding Award Range

Funding will be granted based on the scale and scope of anticipated Fellowship initiatives commitment, project goals, and candidate background and experience. This is determined through the screening process by the Fellows Decision Committees. 

Once an amount has been determined, Fellows will receive a tuition reduction each semester. Most commonly, the Award will be evenly distributed through the remainder of semesters of study based on the number of academic credits enrolled in for each given semester. 

Requirements for Continued Funding

To remain eligible for continued funding each semester, Fellows must remain in good academic standing in the MBA and/or MS Finance program. Fellows must continue making appropriate progress on projects and initiatives. Evaluation on project and initiative status will be a combination of reporting updates shared by the Fellow with the Graduate Business Studies office and input from Rowan mentors and partner organization mentors.

Sample Scenario of a Fellow Funding 

One funding example: a Fellow is awarded $10,000 for their proposed initiative. If the student takes 6 credits of MBA coursework per semester (the entire MBA is 36 credits), while remaining in good academic standing as well as making appropriate progress on the Fellow initiative, they will have ~$277.78 per credit each semester taken off their tuition for that semester. They will receive the full $10,000 award by the conclusion of their MBA studies.