MBA/COGS Combat Systems Engineering

MBA/COGS Combat Systems Engineering

MBA/COGS in Combat Systems Engineering

Make a Powerful Combination

Thanks to a partnership between the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering and Rowan’s own Rohrer College of Business (RCB), engineers who are strong performers in development roles can take their careers to another level by combining an interest in combat systems engineering and the defense industry with business expertise.

Pair a One-of-a-Kind COGS with a Fully Customizable MBA

The Combat Systems Engineering Certificate Program (COGS), designed exclusively by Lockheed Martin, offered by the Electrical and Computer Engineering program, is only available at Rowan University. Paired with one of the most flexible and customizable MBA programs in the country, offering both depth and breadth of knowledge, learners will:

  • hone skills in specific targeted areas of business;
  • build knowledge across sectors;
  • learn directly from Lockheed Martin engineers;
  • expand their insights and gain critical hands-on experience;
  • set themselves apart from the competition;
  • evolve into expert managers and leaders in operational functions in their organizations; and
  • dramatically increase their chances of landing a highly sought-after, well-paying defense industry position.

Share Our Vision

The primary goal of this unique COGS and MBA partner program is to help develop the growing workforce needs of the area’s prominent defense industry. In addition to the Combat Systems Engineering courses included in the Certificate of Graduate Study, Rowan MBA students in this program pairing can choose two additional elective courses (from RCB's course offerings) across disciplines to gain insights and grow knowledge from varying perspectives according to their individual interests or career pursuits.

The two elective courses are drawn from RCB's Concentrations, which range from Data Analytics to Finance and Accounting to Supply Chain and Logistical Systems. Check out our course offerings under each Concentration to consider other areas of interest available to you. Further, by adding one more elective course (3 s.h.), it is possible to complete a full RCB Concentration within the MBA. 

Active participation and successful completion of the combined Combat Systems Engineering COGS and MBA program will give students an in-depth and wide-ranging skill set in analysis, design, evaluation, accounting, project management, quality control, sustainability and safety that are essential for all systems engineering jobs in the defense industry.

All four courses in the Combat Systems Engineering COGS can also be used toward a Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Since a M.S. in ECE also requires one graduate-level business course, MBA students who complete the CSE COGS can also receive a M.S. in ECE by taking only five additional ECE electives.