Master of Business Administration: Organizational Leadership

Master of Business Administration: Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership Concentration in Rowan's MBA

Why an MBA Concentration in Organizational Leadership?

A Concentration in Organizational Leadership trains problem-solvers with a facility for strategic communication, a knack for understanding human behavior and psychology, and the motivation to raise the quality of human interactions in professional environments by introducing them to the theories, practices, and personal exploration they need to grow into this vital role in any organization.

Adding organizational leadership to a skill set can be the determining factor for success in a competitive job market for management level positions—or higher. And adding an organizational leadership perspective will enhance the effectiveness of anyone currently serving in a managerial position.

Studying organizational leadership in the context of an MBA will help students become effective managers adept at liaising between employees and executive-level management. The responsibilities of organizational leaders range from developing new systems to bringing teams together to maximizing an organization’s culture, productivity, and profitability, while supporting diversity, individuality, work-life balance, and more, impacting coworkers’ daily lives and offering them the tools and inspiration they need to succeed.

Exceptional organizational leaders are needed in every industry and sector, regionally and globally: nonprofit, corporate, health care, government, education, and more.

Organizational leaders are in demand. Some of the roles organizational leaders thrive in include:

  • school principal;
  • consultant or business analyst;
  • sales manager;
  • health care manager;
  • management analyst;
  • human resource specialist;
  • community service manager;
  • training and development manager;
  • chief executive officer (CEO); and
  • nonprofit executive director.