Master of Business Administration: Sustainable Business

Master of Business Administration: Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business Concentration in Rowan's MBA

Why an MBA Concentration in Sustainable Business?

 “Promote Prosperity While Protecting the Planet”
from the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A Concentration in Sustainable Business is an ideal option for innovative, forward-thinking problem-solvers ready to combine a business mindset with a passion for creating positive environmental and social impact while increasing global prosperity.

The need for expertise in sustainable business is growing rapidly across industries, from technology and manufacturing to agriculture, infrastructure and transportation, clean energy, marketing and corporate social responsibility. And sustainability methodology is becoming increasingly fundamental in all sectors: corporate, government, and nonprofit as human consumption and production threatens to outstrip natural resources. Carve out a career in this exciting sector and become an agent for change.

Finance, Data Analytics, and Supply Chain and Logistical Systems Concentrations, as well as the core business knowledge and strategic thinking embedded in the MBA program, pair with sustainability studies to position future leaders to make a significance difference, for organizations, future generations, and humanity.

Using real-world immersion and project-based learning and inquiry, the Sustainable Business Concentration prepares students to participate in global environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) efforts by collaborating with multinational leaders and executives to analyze sustainability issues and propose solutions.

Some areas where this expertise is needed include:

  • impact reporting and assessment (for the carbon footprint);
  • data collection;
  • sustainability consulting, marketing and PR;
  • and finance—investment firms, financial performance, and cost analysis.

Some in-demand positions for sustainable business leaders include:

  • sustainable finance director;
  • ethical trade manager;
  • green building professionals;
  • finance manager for sustainability solutions; and
  • chief sustainability officer.