Master of Business Administration: Management

Master of Business Administration: Management

Management Concentration in Rowan's MBA

Why an MBA Concentration in Management?

Students who want to evolve their organizational, logistical, and analytical aptitude and increase their communication skills should consider a Concentration in Management.

The need for exemplary and experienced managers who can adeptly optimize resources, systems, processes, and labor is ubiquitous across sectors—health care, government, nonprofit, corporate, the service industry, and more.

Good management is the key to any organization’s success, and joining a Management Concentration to another area of expertise makes for a powerful combination whose reward is most often a high-paying position in which the manager makes a vital difference—to the organization’s success as well as to the daily lives of its many employees.

Quality managers are needed in every industry. Some industries of interest managers are needed in are:

  • technology
  • retail and fashion;
  • art and entertainment;
  • sports entertainment;
  • construction and design;
  • health care administration;
  • food and hospitality; and
  • client-facing sales.

Long-term career goals for managers include leadership roles such as:

  • director;
  • department head;
  • chairperson; and
  • executive-level positions, such as CEO.

Management experience combined with an advanced degree can lead to publishing deals, teaching, speaking, and consulting opportunities, and starting your own business fully prepared for success.