Master of Business Administration: Supply Chain and Logistical Systems

Master of Business Administration: Supply Chain and Logistical Systems

Supply Chain and Logistical Systems Concentration in Rowan's MBA

Why an MBA Concentration in Supply Chain and Logistical Systems?

A Concentration in Supply Chain and Logistical Systems paired with the core knowledge of an MBA—economics, operations analytics, financial decision-making, and other business-related skills—will set professionals apart whether they are already working in this high-demand, exciting industry or looking for a rewarding career path with an abundance of job opportunities and upward advancement trajectories.

Supply chain management includes a company’s planning, quality control, logistics and distribution, and inventory and procurement. Stellar supply chain management is vital to the health and success of nearly any organization, from corporate to nonprofit to government, to military logistics and defense to manufacturing, retail, and more.

One key to success in supply chain management is strength in supply chain and logistical systems and the ability to incorporate a depth of knowledge with ever-evolving technological savvy to communicate data-driven concepts and strategize for profitability, sustainability, planning and operations, and other aspects of business that produce growth while serving domestic and international populations seamlessly.

Supply chain and logistical systems is a highly satisfying career path for critical-thinkers with analytical mindsets who thrive on flexing their communication skills while relationship-building in this service-oriented avenue of industry. Someone working in this field might:

  • make tactical decisions;
  • develop their own systems of analysis;
  • negotiate with suppliers, sales teams, transportation dispatchers, or even internationally;
  • and assess risks; 
  • all while innovating for maximum efficiency and quality assurance.

Early or mid-career goals in supply chain and logistical systems might include:

  • process, operations, quality control, or logistics analyst;
  • supply chain manager;
  • buyer or purchasing manager;
  • procurement agent or specialist; and many more.

Mid- and senior-level career goals in supply chain management may include:

  • director of distribution or global procurement;
  • VP of supply chain, transportation or supply management; and
  • chief supply chain officer.

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