RCB Fellowship Project Partner

RCB Fellowship Project Partner

Become an RCB Fellowship Project Partner

RCB seeks partners for Social Impact Projects (SIPs) that become Fellowship initiatives that respond to crucial social needs while addressing business-related issues. 

We want to hear from you! Let’s work together. 

Rohrer College of Business (RCB) is looking to expand opportunities for our Fellows by partnering with industry leaders in our region, with the intention of making a meaningful impact for the partnering organization and their stakeholders, our students, the regional economy, and our wider, shared communities.  

Project Partners Harness RCB Talent for Impactful Initiatives 

The Fellowship Program at RCB combines scholarship funding, mentorship, and opportunities for MBA and MS Finance students to develop and extend business acumen. The purpose of the Fellowship is to propel change agents into the next stages of their careers.  

A hallmark of the Fellowship experience is leading and contributing to Social Impact Projects (SIPs), initiatives that integrate business and social responsibility in a vital way with the potential to improve lives and make a significant difference. Ideally, SIPs respond to crucial social needs while simultaneously addressing business-related issues. The initiatives are designed in collaboration with an external partner organization—that’s you—that has mission alignment with the RCB Fellowship Program as the core component of their project.  

Projects Benefit the Organizations Who Partner with Us and Their Communities 

These SIP experiences are intended to have a lasting impact for the partnering organization, their community members and stakeholders, and the Rowan ecosystem.  

We invite organizations to discover the diverse range of projects our Fellows are passionate about undertaking. Should you feel inspired to collaborate with us and have a project in mind that could benefit from our Fellows' expertise, we encourage you to reach out by completing our New Project Partnership Form below. Engage with us to explore how together, we can make a lasting impact on your organization and community.