Cannabis Curriculum Options at RCB

Cannabis Curriculum Options at RCB

Cannabis Commercialization Studies

The rapidly evolving cannabis industry is anticipated to become a multi-billion dollar economic driver across the USA – and beyond. Career opportunities related to cannabis are vast, and cross-over talent is in high demand. Plant-touching verticals such as cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and/or retail need experts from other industries to adapt, extend, and expand best practices into the highly regulated cannabis market. There is strong and growing demand for ancillary businesses complementing and serving the cannabis industry, with potential career pathways in far ranging categories such as accessory manufacturers, tech start-ups, as well as services and solutions in accounting and tax, finance and banking, data analysis, marketing and branding, supply chain, and healthcare.

MBA Concentration in Cannabis Commercialization

Rowan MBA students enjoy the freedom of tailoring 18 credits of their studies to meet career goals. The flexible, customized 18 credits are pursued via six 3-credit courses: two areas of concentration or one area of concentration and three elective courses. All Rowan MBA students pursue the same 18 credits of core content to satisfy core requirements of the 36-credit curriculum.

Certificate of Graduate Study in Cannabis Commercialization

A valuable stand-alone credential for those seeking to refresh skills in their current roles, a Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) can also serve as a micro-credential on the way toward earning the MBA, allowing students to sample content prior to being formally admitted into Rowan’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Cannabis Commercialization Area of Concentration.

Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Cannabis Entrepreneurship

The Rowan University Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) in Cannabis Entrepreneurship is one of the first entrepreneurship-focused cannabis degree offerings in the U.S. Offered through the award-winning School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Rowan University's AACSB-Accredited Rohrer College of Business, this program is designed to prepare students to enter this emerging, high-growth industry, either as entrepreneurs bringing new products and/or services to market, or as intrapreneurs, helping industry leading organizations continue to innovate and grow.