HR Management Certificate of Graduate Study

HR Management Certificate of Graduate Study

Unlock Your Potential

Earn an HR Management Certificate

The Human Resources (HR) Management Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) courses offered by Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business (RCB):

  • will increase your ability to maximize employee potential by leveraging recruitment, selection, development, and reward systems; whether you are working directly in HR or indirectly as part of talent management or seeking to advance into a supervisory role;
  • help you prepare for SHRM and HRCI certification;
  • are a valuable stand-alone credential on your way to earning a master’s degree;
  • are ideal for those who have not yet taken the Graduate Admission Test (GMAT) as the GMAT is not required for admission to the COGS program; and
  • are fully transferrable into the MBA program at Rowan in the future to satisfy an HR Management area of concentration.

Stand Out in Your Field

Talent management is a critical skill set across management and leadership roles. Explore talent management concepts such as hiring, recruiting, training, and managing staff to ensure that a business’s most important assets (its employees) are well prepared and encouraged to thrive in their everyday work environment. Learn to use data-driven analysis and techniques to optimize managerial efficiency and enhance productivity.

The HR Management COGS builds your interpersonal skills, communication skills, and emotional intelligence as it sets you on the path toward gaining expertise in HR career trajectories such as:

  • recruitment and employee screening;
  • performance management;
  • employee relations;
  • enforcement of disciplinary actions;
  • compensation negotiation;
  • management of employee records;
  • continued education coordinator;
  • and much more.

HR Management is in demand across an unlimited number of industries, and managers of all levels and types are encouraged to develop understanding of best HR practices for the overall success of any organization.

Why Choose a COGS?

A COGS pathway makes it possible to immediately focus on a specialized area of interest strategically tailored for your next career move or the next step in your education. The admissions process for a COGS is more streamlined than for a full degree, allowing a simpler entry point to explore graduate studies.

Pursuing a Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) can contribute to your earning a promotion or higher pay, expand your responsibilities in your current role, and make your resume stand out. 

Gain expertise you can add to your repertoire and resume now. Elevate your strategic and critical-thinking dexterity, revitalize your skill set, improve your leadership and management potential, and give your work performance more agility and depth.

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