Entrepreneurship COGS Options

Entrepreneurship COGS Options

Certificates of Graduate Study in Entrepreneurship (COGS)

Entrepreneurial Mindsets are in demand. Employers, alumni, and CEOs from across industries agree that an entrepreneurial approach to activities and outcomes – being drawn to opportunities, innovation, and value creation – is essential for success in today’s business world.

Rowan’s Entrepreneurship Certificates of Graduate Studies (COGS) options leverage the vast entrepreneurial resources available for students to develop as leaders, think more entrepreneurially, and find new ways to create value.

Each of the three Entrepreneurship COGS has a focused theme allowing students to tailor their learning experience to match career goals and interests:

Corporate Entrepreneurship COGS

Provides students with an overview of the potential for innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities of new ventures within a corporate environment. It prepares the entrepreneurs for strategic planning and acquaints students with advanced statistical forecasting techniques.

Leading Innovative Organizations COGS

Helps students apply an alternative way of thinking to assist in solving difficult issues for government, business, and the non-profit sectors. It also focuses on the transformation of Human Resource Management, diverse and complex business environments, processes that enhance individual and organizational performance, and advanced topics in entrepreneurship.

Technology & Innovation COGS

Allows students to gain an understanding of the nature of entrepreneurship in various organizational settings, and also why it is essential for today's entrepreneurs to be familiar with technological topics like e-commerce, web marketing, web safety, and legal issues on the web. Students then apply their entrepreneurial knowledge in a real-world setting offering advice to improve business performance and address crucial issues.