Entrepreneurship Certificate of Graduate Study Programs

Entrepreneurship Certificate of Graduate Study Programs

Earn an Entrepreneurship Certificate

Develop Your Creativity. Grow Your Expertise in Innovation. Use Your Passion to Make a Positive Impact.

Rowan’s Rohrer College of Business (RCB) offers a Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) in Entrepreneurship in three different areas to match your goals and career interests:

Why Choose a COGS in Entrepreneurship?

A Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS):

  • is a valuable stand-alone credential on your way to earning a master’s degree;
  • helps business leaders stand out from the competition;
  • is ideal for those who have not yet taken the Graduate Admission Test (GMAT) as the GMAT is not required for admission to the COGS program; and
  • is fully transferrable into the MBA program to satisfy an Entrepreneurship area of concentration at Rowan in the future.

Whether you are drawn to learning the inner workings of launching a start-up or new approaches to business ventures within a fully developed corporate environment, Rowan has abundant opportunities for aspiring change agents who want to evolve their entrepreneurial skill set.

Entrepreneurial mindsets are in demand in all areas of business. Employers, alumni, and CEOs from across industries agree that an entrepreneurial approach to daily operations and outcomes is essential for success in today’s business world.

At RCB, you can focus on technology and innovation, take steps to become an innovative leader, or grow your expertise in entrepreneurship within a corporate setting. You can tailor the Entrepreneurship COGS to support your unique career goals.