Leading Innovative Organizations Certificate of Graduate Study

Leading Innovative Organizations Certificate of Graduate Study

Unlock Your Potential

Earn a Leading Innovative Organizations Certificate

The Leading Innovative Organizations Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) courses offered by Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business (RCB):

  • will expand your entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and creativity, and ability to change an organization’s culture and motivate its employees;
  • will train you in transformative human resource (HR) management and other specialized areas of entrepreneurship related to leadership;
  • are a valuable stand-alone credential on your way to earning a master’s degree;
  • are ideal for those who have not yet taken the Graduate Admission Test (GMAT) as the GMAT is not required for admission to the COGS program; and
  • are fully transferrable into the MBA program to satisfy an Entrepreneurship area of concentration at Rowan in the future.

Stand Out in Your Field

Entrepreneurial mindsets are in demand across industries. A COGS in Leading Innovative Organizations is ideal for current or aspiring professionals interested in cultivating their leadership qualities by adding an entrepreneurial context.

Hone your creativity to maximize innovation and develop an entrepreneurial mode of thinking, planning, and organizing. Solve business issues using transformative management techniques. Entrepreneurship know-how benefits managers, CEOS, HR personnel, and any business leaders who act as decision-makers with responsibilities including enhancing the health of an organization and leveraging it for success.

Long-term career goals might include working with large corporations and transforming current business processes or even starting a unique business concept from scratch. Specific career opportunities include:

  • startups;
  • venture capital;
  • real estate;
  • corporate innovation;
  • new product development, and sales.

Why Choose a COGS?

COGS pathway makes it possible to immediately focus on a specialized area of interest strategically tailored for your next career move or the next step in your education. The admissions process for a COGS is more streamlined than for a full degree, allowing a simpler entry point to explore graduate studies. 

Pursuing a Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) can contribute to your earning a promotion or higher pay, expand your responsibilities in your current role, and make your resume stand out. 

Gain expertise you can add to your repertoire and resume now. Elevate your strategic and critical-thinking dexterity, revitalize your skill set, improve your leadership and management potential, and give your work performance more agility and depth.