Business Certificate of Graduate Study

Business Certificate of Graduate Study

Unlock Your Potential

Earn a Business Certificate

The Business Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) courses offered by Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business (RCB):

  • will expand your knowledge in vital areas of business, enhance your career path, and set you up for success;
  • are the first required courses in the MBA program at RCB, allowing students to explore graduate-level coursework before formally joining a master’s program;
  • are a valuable stand-alone credential on your way to earning a master’s degree;
  • are ideal for those looking to strengthen their application for the MBA program; and
  • are fully transferrable into the MBA program at Rowan in the future.

Stand Out in Your Field

Benefits of a Business Certificate for Current Professionals

Learning marketing fundamentals, information systems, and delving into best management practices can give your skill set a boost, increase your proficiency, and add to your competency and effectiveness as an employee or manager. Learn to strategize, solve business problems, and how to position yourself for a leadership role. Standout at your current job and give your resume a lift with a COGS in Business.

Benefits of a Business Certificate for Prospective MBA Students

The Business COGS consists of the first required courses within the MBA program, so this unique COGS is perfect for prospective MBA students who want to explore what it is like to be a graduate business student in preparation for pursuing a full degree at Rohrer College of Business.

The COGS to MBA Pathway

For students who might not be directly admissible into the MBA program at RCB, the Business COGS is an excellent opportunity to show high achievement and/or earn a GMAT waiver. Completing the Business COGS with a 3.5 GPA or higher evidences strength as an MBA candidate, significantly increases the chance of acceptance, and also waives the optional GMAT application requirement.

Find out more information about GMAT waivers or contact an admissions recruiter at for help planning your pathway to the MBA program.

This vital COGS also supports crossover from other fields, such as the arts, education, and communications, into business and entrepreneurship.

Why Choose a COGS?

A COGS pathway makes it possible to immediately focus on a specialized area of interest strategically tailored for your next career move or the next step in your education. The admissions process for a COGS is more streamlined than for a full degree, allowing a simpler entry point to explore graduate studies. 

Ceritificate of Graduate Study (COGS) can contribute to you earning a promotion or higher pay, expand your responsibilities in your current role, and make your resume stand out.

Gain expertise you can add to your repertoire and resume now. Elevate your strategic and critical-thinking dexterity, revitalize your skill set, improve your leadership and management potential, and give your work performance more agility and depth.

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Our MBA, MS Finance, Certificate students, and alumni bring a wide range of industry experience and varied career goals to the Rohrer College of Business (RCB). To learn more about some of our brightest RCB students and alumni, check out these select stories to get a sense of who might be your new contacts if you join us as a student or the type of talent you might hire if you’re looking to grow your team.