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Jake McFarland, MBA 2023

MBA Fellow in Data, Technology and Analytics

Motivated | Technologist | Forward-thinker

Jake McFarland is the recipient of the MBA Fellowship in Data, Technology and Analytics. In this role, Jake anticipates that he will build strong relationships, learn more about sustainable decision-making, gain valuable knowledge in Data Analytics, and likely pursue some research in collaboration with RCB faculty. He believes data analytics can be used to distill the complexity of comparing diverse deliverables encompassed in the triple bottom line goals: social, environmental and economic sustainability. All these challenges are linked, and their relationship can be identified and reinforced by manipulating data from the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other large organizations with data analytics. Supporting these relationships with data will help with intervention decisions to have the most sustainable impact. 

Jake has a passion for not only advancing his own career, but for also being a mentor for other MBA students and like minded professionals. His mindset for sustainable advancement paired with data analytics is a welcome addition to the Rohrer Graduate Business Student community. Jake has over 7 years of experience in Team Management, Information Technology, Software Development, and Project Management. He sees Data Analysis and Data Science as the keys to making major positive impacts for social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Currently, he is a Digital Acquisition Analytics Manager at Comcast working to create and manage end-to-end processes for the acquisition data and managing the analysts on his team. 

 To read more about Jake and his journey to becoming a Rowan Fellow click below!

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Michelle Martinez, MBA 2022

MBA Fellow for Innovation and Impact

Determined | Inspired | Well-rounded

Michelle Martinez is the recipient of the MBA Fellowship in Innovation and Impact. In this selective role, she’ll leverage her professional experience to normalize financial literacy and advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in the finance industry. In her experience dealing directly with clients and later as a regulator, she has come to witness the widening financial inequalities that lead people to make such different quality of life choices. By observing this phenomenon over the last decade, she has also been quietly studying the steps financial intermediaries can take toward closing the widening gaps.

In her current role as Associate Principal Examiner for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Michelle provides investor protection and market integrity by examining brokerage firms for compliance with FINRA and Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) rules, as well as federal securities laws and the rules of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking board. Her core competencies include surveilling and testing member firm operational and financial books and records for control weaknesses and sales practice misconduct in conflicts, overcharging, misappropriation, suitability and money laundering.

To learn more about Michelle, her background, her goals and how she is doing as a Fellow, click below.  

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Rahbe Simmons, MBA 2023

MBA Fellow for Innovation and Impact

Creative | Innovative | Progress-Driver

Rahbe Simmons is the recipient of the MBA Fellowship for Innovation and Impact. They seek to pair expertise in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with newly gained business acumen to develop creative solutions that ultimately produce long-lasting positive results for companies that implement DEI strategies and commitments to mitigate bias or discrimination. By exploring best business practices in the MBA via topics such as the employee life cycle, performance management, pay equity, leadership development and employee branding, Rahbe will further hone approaches to embed DEI practices into organizational operations and culture, assess impact and effectiveness, and refine methods for improved results. In his work life, Rahbe provides DEI-centered facilitation, programming, and assessment projects that focus on the conversations and tools needed to build equitable and inclusive workplace systems/cultures that are prepared to support the diversity in teams and clients. Rahbe is passionate about helping organizations and individual contributors lean into vulnerability and the honest, challenging conversations needed to build trust, equity, and belonging into the workplace. 

Their current role is as a facilitator and strategist at Collective which works with high-growth, millennial-driven brands and organizations to build cultures that attract, engage, and retain underrepresented talent.