Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership

Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership

The Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership


The mission of the Center for Responsible Leadership (RCRL) is to support the values of social responsibility, sustainability, and organizational ethics among students, faculty and community partners through the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles of Responsible Management Education. The Center is committed to highlighting common values from which businesses, community groups, non-profits, and individuals alike can build a framework for understanding responsible leadership and becoming responsible leaders. (Read more about our principles)

Another way to think about our mission is that we're dedicated to developing "changents". What's that? This is a portmanteau of "change" and "agent". We define a changent as a "person who acts on behalf of another person or group; enacting positive change in a personal, corporate, or global way". Example: "Students become changents, charging forward with innovative ideas that encourage social and environmental responsibility."

Key Activities

Teaching: RCRL supports teacher preparation, classroom instruction, and experiential learning opportunities around themes of responsible leadership, with the goals of further integrating these concepts into university curricula and ultimately offering graduate and undergraduate courses and credentials aligning with these principles.

Research: RCRL builds a multi-disciplinary community of research faculty and students interested in exploring our central question: what is responsible leadership? RCRL encourages and supports collaborative, applied research related to topics in sustainability, corporate responsibility, ethics, and related topics.

Public Engagement: RCRL promotes discussion and debate on timely issues related to responsible leadership in the corporate, governmental, and non-profit sectors. RCRL seeks to provide responsible leadership-related consulting services to public and nonprofit organizations, simultaneously providing an avenue for project based learning for our students.


If you are interested in finding out more information about the Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership, please contact:

    • Jordan P. Howell, Co-Director and Associate Professor of Sustainable Business, Dept. of Management; Rohrer College of Business
    • Greg Payton, Co-Director, RCRL and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Rohrer College of Business


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