Student Webinar Features

Student Webinar Features

Rowan MBA, MSF and COGS Students and Alumni: Expert Webinar features

Our MBA, MS Finance, Certificate of Graduate Study students and alumni bring a wide range of industry experience and varied career goals to the Rohrer College of Business (RCB). To learn more about some of our brightest RCB students and alumni, check out these select Expert Webinars to get a sense of who might be your new contacts if you join us as a student or the type of talent you might hire if you’re looking to grow your team.



Frank Ieradi, MBA 2018

Frank Ieradi

Frank Ieradi is a Webmaster and Project Manager at 420 Interactive, or 420i, which operates as an incubator/accelerator for companies and brands in the legal cannabis industry. He is a Rowan alumnus two times over, with an MBA and a BS in Business from the Rohrer College of Business.

The Business of Cannabis: Opportunities for the Garden State

 Questions for discussion:

  • Which critical considerations for branding and marketing are unique to the cannabis industry?
  • What are some key issues regarding social equity policy and reform in the cannabis industry?
  • New Jersey is known as the garden state, how can our local farmers take an equitable role in the emerging cannabis industry?
During this webinar, Frank acted as a moderator with Eric Ligouri and Jennifer Maden to ask our expert panelists thought-provoking questions. Panelists included cannabis advocates, company directors and financial market research professionals focused on cannabis in our region. The panelists engaged in discussion with the moderators about different topics, trends, strategies and challenges that underscore this dynamic, nascent, and evolving market. Some highlights of the conversations include NJ's emerging cannabis marketplace, accounting and tax issues, seed-to-sale operations, regulatory compliance realities, and core issues related to advocacy, social equity, and policy reform.
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Ryan McNulla, MBA 2022

Ryan McNulla

Ryan McNulla is a Business Intelligence Analyst at Rowan University currently working to complete his MBA in 2022. He has expertise in data analysis, business intelligence and technology and digital solutions and is a National Guard veteran. 

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains: Applications and Implications for Business & Society

Questions for discussion:

  • A recent pattern has emerged where people talk about the ecological impact of cryptocurrencies. Why do people say bitcoin is bad for the environment? What are your thoughts on the recent discussion about bitcoin's energy use?
  • What is your opinion on the recent actions of two big companies on their blockchain development? --IBM cut their blockchain teams down, and Microsoft decided to close its Azure blockchain service after 6-year efforts. Are they signals on the future of blockchain?
  • In a couple of sentences, which cryptocurrencies offer the most overall or large-scale potential for change and why?

During this webinar, Ryan served as a moderator, to pose discussion questions to the expert panelists who included professors of finance and engineering, software engineering professionals and business professionals from the financial sector. The panelists discussed the questions mentioned above and engaged in discussions of insights into business-facing challenges to cryptocurrency adoption and blockchain technology used to provide a technical perspective on this already complex material. Some of the highlights of the conversations include sharing insights on how these technologies are used, potential tangible benefits and implications on our financial system and larger implications for society.

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Jordan Howell, MBA 2021

Jordan Howell

Jordan Howell is an associate professor of Sustainable Business at Rowan University and the Co-Director of the Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership (RCRL). He also serves on the New Jersey Pinelands Commission as the Commissioner while also working on research that is supported by the NJ EPA and National Science Foundation.

The Business of Sustainability: Profits, People, and the Planet

Questions for discussion:

  • How can sustainability be defined in terms of environmental, health, social, and/or financial equity?
  • How specifically are organizations looking to measure their social and environmental impacts?
  • Examples of successful companies utilizing sustainability standards and "triple bottom line” thinking - how does a business begin to frame decisions with an eye toward beneficial, long-term impacts regarding social, human, and environmental concerns?

During this webinar, Jordan served as a moderator, posing discussion questions to the expert panel: professionals from various Virtua Health departments, sustainability professionals, and other professionals that interact with a wide market. The panelists discussed the questions mentioned above and engaged in discussion with the moderators about different topics including how healthcare, business and sustainability go hand in hand. Some of the highlights of the conversations include a discussion on how important it is to implement and design successful sustainability initiatives across all industries. 

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Jordan Wisser, MBA 2021

Jordan Wisser

Jordan Wisser is the Co-Director of Strategic Initiatives on the Rohrer Graduate Student and Alumni Advisory Board (RGSAAB), while also working to complete his MBA in 2022. He is an Information Technology Specialist and Project Manager with the NJ Air National Guard.

Cybersecurity Mindset: Business Decisions to Manage and Mitigate Risks

Questions for discussion:

  • Can you unpack some of the risks associated with cyber breaches? I know that some of them include reputation, financial, legal, IP loss, etc.
  • With so many employees working in home offices, how can organizations mitigate the cybersecurity risks of their remote employees?
  • When examining Cybersecurity from the lens of an IT specialist that needs to translate best practices to non-technical staff, what are some ways to emphasize the importance of Cybersecurity in daily business operations?

During this webinar, Jordan served as a moderator, posing questions to Marc Shein, a professional Risk Management consultant and visiting expert panelist. The moderators and panelists engaged in discussions about risk management, risk mitigation, business decisions and policies and procedures as they relate to Cybersecurity. Some highlights of the conversation include how you can help mitigate your organization's exposure to data incidents that threaten massive financial and reputational losses, and why having an advanced business background can help make you more successful. 

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Kevin Garvey, MBA 2020

Kevin Garvey

Kevin Garvey who completed his MBA at the Rohrer College of Business in 2020, holds a PharmD, is a Pharmacist and is a Pharmacy Manager for Omnicare, a CVS Health company.

The Business of Medicine: Quality, Utility and Value

Questions for discussion:

  • How can you maximize output and drive positive healthcare outcomes, given a finite amount of resources?
  • What is the most efficient/appropriate way to minimize costs without sacrificing patient care?
  • Has the COVID-19 pandemic yielded any positive insight, from a business perspective, that can help healthcare organizations pivot post-pandemic?
Kevin served as a moderator during this webinar, asking questions of the expert panel. Composed of three doctors and a professional healthcare administrator, the panel engaged in a discussion of the interconnected nature of healthcare and business. Some highlights of the conversation include discussion about how important business acumen is for doctors because of the financial impact on patients and hospitals and the role it plays in gaining confidence for leading teams. 
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