LinkedIn Workshops

LinkedIn Workshops

LinkedIn Workshops

Each of these sessions is being delivered as a collaboration between the Graduate Business Studies Office and RGSAAB (Rohrer Graduate Student and Alumni Advisory Board).

LinkedIn can serve as a valuable tool not just in a job search, but in developing and maintaining a professional network that can help you remain current in industry trends. With proper use, LinkedIn can be leveraged to complement and even expand your career opportunities.

The primary key to fully utilizing LinkedIn is to have a strong profile. This doesn’t necessarily mean youLinkedIn Workshop1 need to develop a detailed profile, and listing your full resume isn’t ideal, either.

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you? What are some quick fixes that you could make to improve how you are perceived on the LinkedIn platform? What is an easy way to build relationships and make connections with other MBA, MSF, and COGS students at Rowan that also want to leverage LinkedIn?

Join a peer-review LinkedIn workshop co-hosted by the RGSAAB (the Rohrer Graduate Student and Advisory Board) and the Office of Graduate Business Studies. Each 1-hour workshop will be a small group setting (max 10 students), will include a 5-minute facilitated review of each participant’s LinkedIn profile, and provide you with an immediate boost in connections and action items to improve your profile.

We will ask all participants to agree to approximately 30 minutes of preparation in advance of the workshop: watch select “LinkedIn Best Practices” videos (15-20 minutes, we’ll send you a list), do a quick 5-minute update to refresh your profile (e.g., adding “Rowan MBA Candidate 2022”), and then connect on LinkedIn with other workshop registrants (5 minutes, we’ll send you a list). This will ensure that the workshop will be efficient and valuable for all participants.

Upcoming workshop dates:

  • Tuesday, December 7th, 2021: 12-1 pm

If you're interesting in joining, please contact us at for details.

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