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Industry Partner Page

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Industry Partner Program

What Is an industry Partnership with Rowan’s Graduate Business Programs?

Rohrer College of Business (RCB) collaborates with organizations to help them offer professional development opportunities to their employees,and we invite the organizations’ leadership to participate in our academic ecosystem—through speaking engagements, special panels, events, webinars, and more.

How Is Partnering with Rowan University Advantageous to an Organization?

Our research shows that companies that offer tuition benefits and other incentives to encourage employees to advance in their careers tend to attract and retain top talent. Some areas of development employees seek that are available at RCB include advanced degrees—MBA, MS Finance, MS Accounting—or a professional certificate in a specialized area (COGS/CAGS), such as data analytics, sustainability in business, or organizational leadership.

When an organization partners with us we work together with the organization’s appropriate outreach department or personnel, and we invite the organization to take advantage of our vast network by:

  • participating in speaking engagements, special panels, and webinars;
  • being included in our media communications—press releases, social media posts, newsletters—which reach thousands of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and alumni;
  • contributing insights through informal conversations, discussions in focus groups, and/or serving on advisory boards to help us refine curriculum to meet evolving industry needs; and by
  • expanding their recruitment effort, based on the individual organization’s needs and preferences.

The organization and the university collaborate to make it easier for the organization to help their employees:

  • step into leadership roles that will reward their dedication and recognize their hard work;
  • update their skill sets, so they stay current, relevant, and marketable in their area of expertise;
  • maximize their talent, raise their potential, and reach new levels of achievement;
  • all while increasing the organization’s retention rate and improving its culture.

How Does an Industry Partnership with Us Make It Easier for Organizations to Develop Their Employees’ Knowledge, Business Acumen, and Skill Sets?

The Rohrer College of Business:

  • provides direct support in creating a custom web page that captures key points of company culture in regards to increasing employee awareness, interest, and delineating action steps for opportunities available to them;
  • sets out clear logistics and expedites the application process for the academic program, including several waivers of requirements, so employees have a smooth experience that flows well with their existing career obligations.