MBA Fellowship - military

MBA Fellowship - military

MBA Fellowship - Military

Rohrer MBA Fellowship - Military 

This fellowship supports veterans and current service members seeking to combine their military skills and experiences with an MBA to positively influence the world around them by becoming leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators serving their communities.

Rohrer MBA (military) Fellows work to affect change in business and form collaborative relationships with nontraditional business partners to meet a wide range of needs from health care benefits management to information technology. Military Fellows bring their versatile military skillset to their MBA studies: leadership, diversity, discipline, strategic and tactical planning, creative problem-solving, logistics, and resiliency in real-world, high-pressure situations. In their MBA studies, they expand on these experiences to design and implement creative strategies, build financial acumen, and cultivate efficient organizations that can effectively address complex issues in areas such as supply chain, personnel, security, and logistics.

Some Military MBA Fellows may seek long-term military careers, bringing new expertise gained from the MBA back to our armed forces. Other Military MBA Fellows may seek civilian career pathways, capitalizing on their military and academic experience to excel in the defense industry, foreign relations service, or other roles in the private or government sectors.

Current professional roles or targeted career paths for graduate students in military or civilian roles might include: Business Development Professional (BDP) with DoD security clearance, Navy Operations Specialists, Information Technology Specialist or Manager, Information Security Analyst, Operations Research Analyst, Software Developer, Intelligence Officer, Logistics Analyst, Criminal Investigator (Special Agent), Senior Strategic Planner / Senior Military Analyst, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs, Warfare Analyst, Intelligence Operations Specialist, US Navy Tactical Action Officer Instructor, Subcontractor Management, Business Development, Program Management, Proposal Analyst, Global Analytics Head, Business Operations and Management Analyst, Accountants and Auditors, Planning and Development Director, Purchasing and Contracting Analysts, or Training Analyst Instructional Designer. 

Eligibility: Must be prior service (honorable discharge) or serving in an Active, Reserve, or National Guard component of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marine.

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Rohrer MBA Fellowship - Funding Awards

  • MBA Fellows are each granted a funding award upon being selected to participate in the program
  • Awards range from $1,500 - 10,000 total per student 
  • Awards are distributed over the lifetime of MBA studies on a semester-by-semester basis (evenly distributed across each graduate course taken)

MBA Fellowship Eligibility, Application, and Selection