MBA Fellowship - Medicine

MBA Fellowship - Medicine

MBA Fellowship - Medicine

Rohrer MBA Fellowship for Nurturing the Good in the Business of Medicine

This Fellowship supports pursuit of an MBA by health professionals seeking to leverage medical and business expertise to better support patients, patients’ families, local communities, and fellow professionals in medicine. Rohrer MBA Nurturing the Good in the Business of Medicine Fellows are committed to developing business acumen to complement expertise in healthcare to improve patient outcomes, increase effectiveness, and expand access to medical care. Goals might include developing operational or technological innovations, transforming how healthcare is provided in communities, advocating and lobbying for improvements stemming from changes to policies and regulations, altering the supply chain to solve a cost-quality equation, and/or refining corporate practices of medicine and/or the economic impact of physician practices.

Current professional roles or targeted career paths for graduate students might include: physician, surgeon, podiatrist, dentist, chiropractor, clinical psychologist, psychotherapists, psychiatrist, optometrist, pharmacist, registered professional nurse, advanced practice nurse, physician assistant, physical therapist, occupational therapist, clinical social worker, or public or community health practitioner. 

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Rohrer MBA Fellowship - Funding Awards

  • MBA Fellows are each granted a funding award upon being selected to participate in the program
  • Awards range from $1,500 - 10,000 total per student 
  • Awards are distributed over the lifetime of MBA studies on a semester-by-semester basis (evenly distributed across each graduate course taken)

MBA Fellowship Eligibility, Application, and Selection


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