MBA Fellowship - Education

MBA Fellowship - Education

MBA Fellowship – Leadership in the Future of Education

Rohrer MBA Fellowship in Leadership in the Future of Education

Rohrer’s MBA Fellowship in Leadership in the Future of Education supports professionals in the PreK-12 and related sectors seeking an MBA to advance careers beyond the classroom to achieve ambitious improvement agendas. Whether seeking administrative positions, consulting with education-centric firms and institutions, or pursuing entrepreneurial dreams, our professional educators will become leading innovators responsible for shaping the future of their field. Rohrer MBA Leadership in the Future of Education Fellows are committed to developing business acumen to complement expertise in education and improve learning outcomes while ensuring fiscal responsibility remains at the forefront of any organization’s endeavor. Goals might include expanding online learning capabilities and technology, transforming how education is provided to underserved communities, advocating and lobbying for new policies and regulations ensuring student and teacher safety, implementing best practices in education from around the world, starting a consulting firm or business with a focus on education, or providing expert information in areas that matter the most to large firms seeking to develop talent through new recruits via training, analytics, and technology.  By building a focus on people development, management skills, and leadership, Fellows grow from being technical experts to leaders making business decisions. In striving to accommodate the realities of a post-COVID19 world and the challenges to education, Fellows seek to create a new paradigm in education.

Current professional or targeted career paths for graduate students might include the following types of Educators: Early Childhood Ed., Primary Ed., Secondary Ed., Health and Physical Ed., Subject Matter Ed., Special Ed., Vocational Ed., Career or Technical Ed., Training Specialists, School Counselors, School Administrator, Vice Principal, Principal, Superintendent, Corporate Trainers, Learning and Development Manager in a non-profit organization serving PreK-12 audiences, or public servants in the Department of Education focusing on PreK-12. Additional specialized types of educators are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Note that the Rohrer MBA and the MBA Fellowship in Leadership in the Future of Education do not directly lead to New Jersey Department of Education certification as a principal, supervisor, school administrator, business administrator, etc.  This Fellowship will be of interest to high achieving in-service educators seeking an MBA to learn more about the business aspect of their profession and/or seek greater leadership responsibility in a PreK-12 school district, as well as to in-service educators exploring career paths as consultants, open businesses, etc. related to P-12 school districts.

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Rohrer MBA Fellowship - Funding Awards

  • MBA Fellows are each granted a funding award upon being selected to participate in the program
  • Awards range from $1,500 - 10,000 total per student 
  • Awards are distributed over the lifetime of MBA studies on a semester-by-semester basis (evenly distributed across each graduate course taken)


MBA Fellowship Eligibility, Application, and Selection