MBA Fellowship – Data, Technology, and Analytics

MBA Fellowship – Data, Technology, and Analytics

MBA Fellowship – Data, Technology, and Analytics

This fellowship supports the pursuit of an MBA by professionals in Data Analytics, Management Information Systems (MIS), Statistics, Business Analytics, and Information Technology that are seeking to integrate their expertise along with emerging paradigms developed during their career to be at the forefront of an industry that has been constantly evolving and outpacing market expectations. The global economy and social structure is driven by technology, data, and insights based on real numbers to create business plans,  strategies, projections, and innovations to meet and exceed triple bottom line (TBL) goals - creating positive social and environmental impact while also enhancing economic growth and financial returns.

Rohrer MBA Fellows in Data, Technology, and Analytics will utilize data to improve business performance, apply insights from data paired with critical analysis for improving organizational efficiency, and use analytics expertise to propose interesting and valuable new solutions for business and society as a whole. No matter the industry, sector, product, service, or customer, data intelligence can help develop strategies to transform our world for the better -- promoting prosperity and in equal measure good health and environmental benefit. Rohrer Fellows will bring together concepts from the MBA program and the world of Data, Technology, and Analytics.

Possible career path directions include: project/data management, data/system architect, business analyst, software engineer, information system analyst, various research and managerial roles, and data-driven roles in marketing, new product development, or supply chain management. 


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Rohrer MBA Fellowship - Funding Awards

  • MBA Fellows are each granted a funding award upon being selected to participate in the program
  • Awards range from $1,500 - 10,000 total per student 
  • Awards are distributed over the lifetime of MBA studies on a semester-by-semester basis (the amount awarded will be evenly distributed across each graduate course taken)

MBA Fellowship Eligibility, Application, and Selection