Networking and Career Development

Networking and Career Development

Build Your Network

Making career connections is a key element of the graduate business student experience. 

We encourage our students to go beyond the classroom to build relationships now that will serve you during your graduate studies - and throughout your career. 

You already know some key points you have in common with your RCB classmates: you seek intellectual stimulation and growth in your current professional role, are eager to expand your management skills, and would find an expanded business network valuable as you navigate the next stage of your career. 

What better way to establish or strengthen relationships than finding other points of common interest?

During this time when many interactions and connections are being made digitally, we are creating opportunities for our students to refine their personal brands and gain insights from executives across a range of industries. During this Spring 2021 semester, join a Photo Shoot session that helps us expand our collection of creative featuring Business Hall and our students and alumni, and then you get to keep the digital files for your own use as well. Participate in an engaging workship where you work with your peers to refine your LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch, or approach to informational inreviews. Once you've established those foundations, particiate in an Ask Me Anything session where executives share their journey, successes, challenges, and passions - all in an informal setting where you ask the questions to drive the conversation.

We are looking forward to returning to some in-person events, possibly in Fall 2021. Whether it’s on a fall hike, at a professional sports game, or spending some quality family time on the farm - career networking and relationship building are more fun when combined with activities you already enjoy or wanted to try.

All graduate business students - MBA, MS Finance, and Certificate Programs - are welcome to become active members of the RCB Graduate Community.

Photoshoots at Business Hall - Elevate Your Personal Brand

Whether updating your LinkedIn or other social media profiles or simply sharing with friends and family, we’re confident you’ll find value in having these photos in your own collection.

LinkedIn Workshops - Elevate Your Personal Brand

The primary key to fully utilizing LinkedIn is to have a strong profile. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to develop a detailed profile, and listing your full resume isn’t ideal, either.

Ask Me Anything - Industry Expert Series

Industry experts join MBA and MSF students in small-group virtual settings to discuss career paths, successes and lessons learned, and today’s most interesting opportunities.