Alumni Perspective

Alumni Perspective

Alumni Perspective

Joe Viturello, VP at PernaFrederick
MBA 2006, Undergraduate 2001

The MBA that I received from Rowan provided additional tools to boost my development in the business world. Rowan’s program provided both comprehensive analysis and creative problem solving to ultimately create a deeper understanding of the subject matter. During collaborative discussions fellow colleagues included their work experience and expertise in their various fields which improved my understanding of business models. I genuinely enjoyed my time in the MBA program and appreciate the classroom knowledge I gained combined with the interaction of other professionals and professors.”


Sandra Gubbine, Assistant Vice President, Revenue Cycle at AtlantiCare, a member of Geisinger Health System
MBA 2007, Undergraduate 1984

“I got my MBA in 2007, many years after my under graduate degree in 1984. I had my CPA which was great and a wonderful 3 letters at the end of my name, but I didn't feel like I was a better leader as a result of earning them. I decided to get my MBA and the only place I was interested in going was Rowan University, the updated version of Glassboro State College where I obtained my undergrad degree. I get asked often which "three" letters am I prouder of and I respond with the same answer every time. The CPA just certified my knowledge, the MBA raised my level of knowledge and clearly made me a better leader and more successful in my career."



Jason A. Howie, Director of Demand Generation and Operations, Ambra Health
MBA 2012, Undergraduate 2007

Looking back over the past year I am proud to say that I owe my current success to the professors and students of the RCOB. The connections, confidence, and knowledge that I have gained enabled me to completely change my career from retail management into marketing. Twelve months after graduating with my MBA from Rowan University, I am now the Director of Marketing for Gold Mobile, a position which demands considerable inter-personal and team building skills, the core focus of many RCOB classes.




Lindsay Groff, Executive Director Human Milk Banking Association of North America


Obtaining my MBA from Rowan has catapulted my career. Four months after graduation, I received a promotion to Vice President of Premier Meeting Solutions, a strategic partner of Fernley & Fernley. Prior to my promotion, I served full-time as Executive Director while pursuing my degree. At Rowan, I honed my skills in many areas including public speaking, business writing and time management.”