Newly Admitted Students

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Newly Admitted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance into Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business Graduate Programs!

We're delighted to have you join our vibrant community of aspiring business leaders. This landing page serves as your gateway to a successful academic journey. Below, you'll discover a tailored plan of action designed to guide you seamlessly through your initial steps as a Rowan graduate-level business student. Select the student type that most closely matches who you are, and you’ll be on your way!

This action plan will empower you to navigate essential starting tasks, from confirming your admission and accessing your Rowan network account, to connecting with advisors and exploring valuable resources. As you embark on this transformative experience, remember that you're not just joining a program – you're becoming part of a dynamic network poised to support your growth and achievement.

Welcome aboard, and get ready to excel in the world of business with Rowan University!

Student and Alumni Highlights

Career experiences, industry insights, and academic successes of our students and alumni.

Mission and Vision

Rowan MBA's commitment to directing diverse students towards sustainable careers.

Program Team

Meet our team and learn about their roles, backgrounds, and how they assist graduate business students.