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Welcome to the Practical Leadership Podcast

The Practical Leadership Podcast brings you leadership stories to expand your mind, enhance your career and leadership trajectory, and empower you to adapt and apply best practices to improve your workplace culture, effectiveness, and performance. Join us as we talk to leaders about their career journeys and explore important strategic topics in thoughtful conversations with accomplished executive leaders. The Practical Leadership Podcast is a collaborative project led by the Rohrer College of Business with co-host Jennifer Maden, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, and co-hosts and Rowan University Professors of Practice Rich Miller and Joe Devine, both of Miller-Devine Leadership Advisors.

Join us as we explore actionable strategies and tactics that you can adapt and implement as you navigate your career and leadership trajectory. In each episode, we will hear from a successful CEO from our community, as well as from experts and leaders across Rowan University including faculty, staff, and students.

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