Marketing Internship

Marketing Internship

Supervised Marketing Internship

This course is intended to provide students with actual business experience. Fieldwork is combined with lectures and discussion sessions in the classroom. Registration in the course and prior approval from the instructor are required. Credit for this course is 3 s.h.


Six (6) earned semester hours of upper division Marketing Courses and 60 earned semester hours required.

Position Requirements

Positions for which Internship credit is granted should ideally reflect a level of responsibility that would provide the students with insight into issues of their field of study. Such positions may be compensated or uncompensated. Positions that may qualify could include on-campus positions offered by Rowan University or the College of Business, off-campus positions publicized by the Supervised Internship Program, or positions secured through a student's own efforts. Final approval of the position rests with the supervising faculty member within the student's area of specialization. If a student works with an employer, that work supervisor may be asked to provide an evaluation of the student's performance.


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Steps for a Strong Application

Internship Approval Process