Accounting Mentorship

  • Students an Faculty at networking dinner
  • Students an Faculty at networking dinner
  • Students an Faculty at networking dinner
  • Students an Faculty at networking dinner
  • Students an Faculty at networking dinner

Accounting Mentorship

Accounting Mentorship Program

The goal of the Accounting Mentorship Program is to provide a mechanism by which students can obtain a better understanding of the challenges and rewards of Accounting from those presently working as accounting professionals. This enhanced understanding should help solidify the choice of profession for those students who are interested or potentially interested in Accounting. It provides students with a perspective that cannot be provided by faculty.

Additional objectives of the Program are to:

  • Increase the interest in Accounting as a profession by helping students to see it as a potentially creative, rewarding and people-oriented career;
  • Provide a mechanism that aligns the professional accounting community to the Rohrer College of Business Accounting program and students;
  • Provide a link to the Rohrer College of Business alumni who are working in the Accounting profession, and provide a means for them to contribute to the Rowan Accounting Program.;
  • Help current Accounting students begin to build a professional network of associates, which may enhance their opportunities for later internships and full-time employment;
  • Provide insights into one of the business professions for students who have chosen business as an area of study, but who are not sure of their choice of discipline within business.

Who can participate?

STUDENTS: Any Rowan Business student (graduate or undergraduate) is eligible to participate. Students who are declared Accounting majors, or who are considering Accounting as a possible major, are especially encouraged to enroll. 

MENTORS: Anyone working as a professional accountant who would like to share his/her experiences and perspective with current accounting students is encouraged to apply to participate in the Accounting Mentorship Program. Upon approval by the accounting mentorship selection committee, the accounting professional will be invited to participate in the Program.

How does it work?

After students and mentors register to participate, one to three students will be assigned to each volunteer mentor. Students are matched with mentors based on areas of interest and field of expertise within accounting. Students and mentors will be expected to work together to determine the best means of communication. Some areas of discussion could include graduate
studies, career choices, professional certification, job responsibilities for various accounting positions, etc. A fall dinner reception is held to kick off the program and provide students and mentors a chance to meet face-to- face.

How do I sign up to participate?

STUDENTS: To participate in the program, please email the program coordinator Brittney O'Connor at

MENTORS: To apply to participate in the program, please fill out and submit the Mentor Interest Form.

How can I get more information about Rowan's Accounting Mentorship Program? 
Contact the program coordinator, Brittney O'Connor, by email at or by phone at (856) 256-4237.