Internship Program

Internship Program

Supervised Internship Program

The Supervised Internship Program may be taken as a free elective, business elective or an elective within the specialization. Students should consult with their academic advisor or with the faculty member responsible for the Supervised Internship Program within their area of specialization. Credit for this course is 3 s.h.


Position Requirements

Positions for which Internship credit is granted should ideally reflect a level of responsibility that would provide the students with insight into issues of their field of study. Such positions may be compensated or uncompensated. Positions that may qualify could include on-campus positions offered by Rowan University or the College of Business, off-campus positions publicized by the Supervised Internship Program, or positions secured through a student's own efforts. Final approval of the position rests with the supervising faculty member within the student's area of specialization. If a student works with an employer, that work supervisor may be asked to provide an evaluation of the student's performance.

Steps for a Strong Application

  1. Meet with your Academic Advisor to plan for an internship.
  2. Develop a strong resume and cover letter.
  3. Have them reviewed by the staff at the Center for Professional Development.
  4. Identify internship opportunities within your area of specialization
  5. Research the organizations of interest to you.
  6. Follow application instructions and keep track of all where you apply.
  7. Follow up on applications one week after applying.
  8. Schedule interviews when contacted within 24 hours of outreach.
  9. Send a thank you note after the interview reconfirming your interest in the internship.
  10. Secure an internship and retain a copy of signed offer letter.
  11. Apply and receive approval for the Supervised Internship (see below).

Internship Approval Process

*These steps must be completed prior to starting your internship. Please Note: steps two and three only need to be completed for in-person supervised internships. Questions should be directed to your academic department.*
Step 1: RCB Supervised Internship Application Forms

Step 2: Supervised Internship Waiver

  • Once department approves the supervised internship, Student completes and submits the waiver to their academic department.

Step 3: Student Internship Agreement

  • Academic department checks to see if an agreement is already on file at Rowan. For questions about on-file agreements, please contact Bob Bullard, Director of the Office of Career Advancement.
  • If there is no current agreement on file, the academic department completes Rowan details of the agreement and sends to the employer.
  • Employer completes and sends back to student and academic department contact at Rowan University.
  • Academic department sends to Rowan General Counsel.
  • Rowan University's legal department will work with employer on any changes needed/desired.
  • Rowan University Provost signs off on agreement & student may begin their internship! 

Please Note: These PDF documents are fillable and allow for electronic signatures. You are permitted to print and scan or submit entirely electronically, depending on your preference.


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