Accounting Advisory Board

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Accounting Advisory Board

Accounting Advisory Board

The purpose of the Accounting Advisory Board is to advise the Rohrer College of Business Accounting Department Head and faculty in helping students achieve their goal of pursuing a career in an accounting-related field. The Board’s objectives are to actively support students in achieving success both in their academic and career pursuits. Further, the Board strives to assist the Accounting faculty in the delivery of a leading edge curriculum by providing input on emerging trends in the practice and development of accounting. Finally, the Board promotes the RCB Accounting Program to external constituencies and participates in appropriate business-faculty-student interaction activities.

The Accounting Advisory Board is comprised of 14-20 executive-level individuals in business, government and not-for-profit organizations whose background and present role are related to the accounting profession. The Accounting Department Head and an Accounting Faculty Liaison also serve as members of the Board.

Mission of the Board

The Mission of the Board is to strive to enhance the effectiveness, visibility and long-term success of the Accounting program at Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business.

  • We define effectiveness as the delivery of a leading edge curriculum that blends accounting theory and practice to develop well-rounded, ethical business professionals.
  • We define visibility as meaning that the program is well-known and respected in a fashion that enables it to attract high-caliber students, faculty and employers to Rowan.
  • We define long-term success to mean that the graduates can energetically compete in the business world and create sustainable value for the organizations that employ them.

Members are nominated by current members of the Board, the accounting faculty, or the RCB Dean, and confirmed by a vote of the existing members of the Board. The Board encourages attendance and participation at Board meetings by the officers of the student accounting organizations, who represent the student constituency.

Professional members of the Board are asked to serve a three-year term, with staggered expiration dates on their terms so that approximately one-third of the board turns over each year. Members are eligible for re-election for two consecutive three-year terms.


Board Chair: Leonard Gatti, Finance Executive (retired), Comcast Corporation


The full Board meets as necessary, but at least twice annually, once in the Fall academic semester and once in the Spring or Summer academic semester. Additionally, Board committee meetings are called as needed, depending on the work of the respective committees.