Alumni Advisory Council

Alumni Advisory Council


The Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) is an organization created by the Rohrer College of Business alumni. AAC will strive to enable former students to network with each other, the College, and the University, and to provide alumni with opportunities to support their alma mater.


  • To build and grow a network of the Rohrer College of Business alumni
  • To further the Rohrer College of Business’ image as a leading business school in the region
  • To provide feedback to sustain the Rohrer College of Business’ academic reputation
  • To disseminate items of interest to the Rohrer College of Business Alumni
  • To foster social interactions among alumni
  • To share professional experience to supplement the core competence of the current student body
  • To serve as a source to enhance the marketability of its current students and alumni
  • To organize social events and undertake creative activities to vitalize the financial standing of the College of Business
  • Advocate for the college’s needs to the external and internal constituents of Rowan University.
  • To build name recognition for the Rohrer College of Business
  • To recognize outstanding instructors in the College.
  • Overall, to bring a positive experience for the alumni and the stakeholders of the Rohrer College of Business, Rowan University.



Steffanie Lerch
Financial Advisor, Partner
Eagle Wealth Strategies 


Sarah Moschini
Financial Analyst
Goldman Sachs


Sydney Holt 
Bid Proposal Reviewer
CobbleStone Software 

For more general information, please visit the Rohrer Alumni page