Management Information Systems

  • MIS Advisory Council Faculty Members: (top row) Dr. Darren Nicholson; Dr. Mike Milovich, Council Chair. (bottom row) Dr. Yide Shen; Dr. Berrin Guner, Department Chair; and Dr. Jennifer Nicholson.

  • MIS Advisory Council Student Members: (top row) Steve Brito, Senior; David Kryszczak, Junior. (bottom row) Lacey Madden, Sophomore; and Marcus Pitts, Freshman.

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems Advisory Council


Our MIS advisory council’s purpose is to expand the student academic experience through opportunities that develop practice-based work involvement, promote fundraising for academic resources, and provide guidance for a practice-influenced curriculum.

  • Provide an external perspective on how course offerings align with career experiences
  • Advise on emerging trends seen in the practice and development of information technology (IT) in modern business
  • Promote the Rohrer College of Business (RCB) MIS program with companies and external constituencies
  • Promote and participate in appropriate business, faculty, and current student networking activities


Ken Campbell

Ken Campbell
Managing Director, Analytics & Performance Management
Sector: Consumer Discretionary, Industry: Commercial Service, Sub-Industry: Professional Service 

Kevin Cuba

Kevin Cuba
Vice President of Operations
Private Sector: Hardware, Industry: Hardware, Sub-Industry: Computer Hardware & Storage
Bill EvansBill Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Liberty Fox Technologies, LLC
Private Company, Sector: Technology, Industry: Software, Sub-Industry: Software Services
Tim Green
Tim Green
Vice President, Information Security Officer
Kearny Bank
Private Company, Sector: Financials, Industry: Banking, Sub-Industry: Banks
Matt Howdershell
Matt HowdershellFormer Director, Strategy & Portfolio Management
GlaxoSmithKlinePrivate Company, Sector: Health Biotech & Pharmacy, Sub-Industry: Large Pharmacy
lacava_mike-headshots.jpgMike LaCava III
Associate Senior Director of Technology, Chief Security Office
Sector: Communications, Industry: Telecom, Sub-Industry: Telecom Carriers

Bob Marano

Bob Marano
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
New York Housing Authority
Industry: City government


Jack McCormack
Chief Information Officer
Sanctuary Wealth Partners
Private Company, Industry: Bank-Global 

Louise O'Donnell

Louise O'Donnell
Vice President Commercial and Specialty Banking Services
TD Bank
Private Company, Sector: Financals, Industry: Banking, Sub-Industry: Banking


Steve O'Toole
Disaster Recovery Analyst
Berkley Technology Services
Private Company, Industry: Information Technology Solutions Provider


Bob Palmer
Chief Solutions Officer
Wedgewood Pharmacy
Sector: Consumer Staples, Industry: Retail-Consumer Staples, Sub-Industry: Food/Drug Stores

Anahi Santiago

Anahi Santiago
Chief Information Security Officer
Christiana Care Health System
Private Industry: Not-for-Profit, Health System

Kari Santoro

Kari A. Santoro
Director, Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS)
General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Acquisition Service (FSA), Mid-Atlantic Region
Industry: Federal Government


Pete Tanillo
Chief Financial Officer
Rapid Ratings International
Private Sector: Technology, Industry: Technology Services, Sub-Industry: Information Services


Mike Toto
Vice President, New Product Development & Strategic Planning
Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Sector: Consumer Discretionary, Industry: Commercial Services, Sub-Industry: Other Commercial Services





Student Members:

David Kryszczak


Senior, MIS Major

Lacey Madden


Junior, MIS Major

Marcus Pitts


Sophomore, MIS Major


The full Board meets as necessary, but at least twice annually, once in the Fall academic semester and once in the Spring academic semester. Additionally, Board sub-committee meetings are called as needed, depending on the work of the respective sub-committees.