Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


To be a first choice business school for enterprising students and discerning employers, a research hub, and an economic catalyst for the region and beyond.


We empower a diverse population of students to achieve sustainable careers with a focus on real-world immersion, entrepreneurial thinking, and responsible leadership, supported by relevant faculty research and excellence in teaching.

We achieve our mission through a commitment to -

  • Professionally Oriented Programs and Sustainable Careers: Our students develop the strong disciplinary expertise, poise and professionalism necessary to excel in their first positions, as well as the skills to tackle new opportunities as technologies and business models evolve. We feature career-oriented dual-degree options, major-minor pairings, and the ability to combine certificate programs with existing majors.
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking and Responsible Leadership: We offer entrepreneurially focused curricular and co-curricular programs to help students develop the creativity, initiative, and persistence that characterize the entrepreneurial mindset. As a PRME founding signatory, we are committed to developing students' abilities to generate sustainable value for their employers and society at large.
  • Relevant Faculty Research: We are aligned with the University's broad definition of research, which includes activities that positively impact the educational experience, the scholarly community, and the economic vitality of the region.
  • Real-world Immersion and Community Collaboration: We provide multiple real-world immersion experiences for our students that set them apart in a crowded job market. This, combined with our commitment to the economic development of the region, compels us to actively engage with the business and nonprofit communities in our region in ways that benefit all.

(Approved by the Rohrer College of Business on October 5, 2020)

Assurance of Learning

We empower students to achieve sustainable careers through professionally oriented programs and real-world immersion experiences, integrating relevant faculty research, entrepreneurial thinking, responsible leadership, and community collaboration. Click here if you would like to read more about the Rohrer College Of Business Assurance of Learning.