Program Learning Goals

Program Learning Goals

Assurance of Learning

Undergraduate Program
Diversity Awareness: Learners will recognize the importance of diversity. 
Social Responsibility Awareness: Learners will assess the impact of business decisions on sustainability and social well-being.
Entrepreneurial Thinking: Learners will create innovative solutions to problems.
Analytical Skills: Learners will preform data analysis and interpret and communicate results to make informed business decisions.
Technology Skills: Leaners will us technology to aid in decision making.
MBA Program
Social Responsibility: Learners will assess the impact of business decisions on sustainability and social well-being. 
Ethics: Learners will asses the ethical implications of business decisions.
Teamwork: Learners will make a meaningful contribution towards achieveing team goals. 
Communication Skills: Learners will develop effective communication skills to address complex business problems. 
Analytical Skills: Learners will apply analytical and quantitative methods for effective managerial decision making.  
MS in Finance Program 
Competencies Learning Objectives

Learners will demonstrate an in-depth understanding of functional areas of finance in a global setting

Learners will master asset valuation, portfolio management, corporate finance, risk management, functions of financial system in various environments.

Learners will apply core knowledge and financial tools to solve finance problems and recommend financial strategies

Learners will synthesize financial data, apply the appropriate theory and recommend a solution.

Learners will develop skills to effectively deliver their financial analysis outcomes in different professional settings.


Learners will effectivly communicate with professors and classmates to successfully complete indivdual and group projects.

Learners will develop and deliver professional business documents and reports supported by data and analysis.