Research in Responsible Leadership

Research in Responsible Leadership

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RCRL Research Fellows program

The Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership is excited to announce the call for 2022-23 Research Fellows.

The purpose of the ​RCRL Research Fellows​ program is to ​support high-quality faculty research aligned with the themes of responsible leadership and the sustainable development goals​. RCRL is particularly interested in supporting research projects that are in the early stage (meaning manuscripts not yet ready for submission). We support any interdisciplinary business-in-society topics that the Center is focused on, from faculty in any field, not just business disciplines. Applications are open to both tenured and tenure-track faculty at any rank as well as lecturers and library faculty. Fellows will each receive a $1500 stipend for their participation.

The full CFP is available here.

The Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership is dedicated to examining the relationships between business and society. In particular, the mission of the Center is to support the values of social responsibility, sustainability, and organizational ethics among students, faculty and community partners through the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME). Proposals are not limited to business topics.

See the attached CFP for more information about the Research Fellows program and details on submitting applications. Applications are due by May 22, 2022. Contact Jordan P. Howell ( and Greg Payton ( with any questions.

We are pleased to announce that our first RCRL Research Fellows (2021-2022) are Joel Rudin and Cam Casper. Both are faculty in the Dept. of Management & Entrepreneurship at Rowan. Their project, "Teaching Freshmen about the Sustainable Development Goals", examines first-year college students' attitudes towards sustainability and business and aims to measure the resulting changes in those attitudes after several targeted lessons and assignments. Their paper, which they presented at the Eastern Academy of Management conference, is available here.


Accounting and Finance Department

Accounting Professor Chung

Article Title: Narasimhan, R. & Chung, S. (2016). Is it time for an emission accounting standard in the U.S.? International Research Journal of Global Business Development, 5 (1), 34-38.

Finance Professor Meric

Article Title: Prober, L., Meric, I., & Meric, G. (2015). Does Company Green Score Affect Stock Price? Review of Business Finance Studies.

Accounting Assistant Professor Jan Smolarski

Article Title: (2018a). “Religion and CSR: An Islamic “Political” Model of Corporate Governance” Business & Society.

Article Title: (2018b). "Exploring Muslim Attitudes Towards Corporate Social Responsibility: Are Saudi Business Students Different?" Journal of Business Ethics. 

Finance Associate Professor Uygur

Article Title: Uygur, O. (2017). CEO Ability and Corporate Opacity. Global Finance Journal.

Article Title: (2019). “Income Inequality in S&P 500 Companies.” The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.


Management and Entrepreneurship Department

 Management Associate Professor Tejinder Billing

Article Title: (2019). "Transformational leadership, transactional leadership, and affective organizational commitment: A closer look at their relationships in two distinct national contexts." Asia Business and

Management Professor D’Intino

Article Title: Godwin, J. L., Neck, C. P., & D'intino, R. S. (2016). Self-leadership, Spirituality, and Entrepreneur Performance: A Conceptual Model. Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion.

Management Professor Lee

Article Title: (2019a). “Exploring the Differential Impact of Environmental Sustainability, Operational Efficiency, and Corporate Reputation on Market Valuation in High-tech-oriented Firms.” International Journal of Production Economics

Article Title: (2019b). "The synergistic effect of environmental sustainability and corporate reputation on market value added (MVA) in manufacturing firms." International Journal of Production Research.

 Entrepreneurship Associate Professor Eric Liguori

Article Title: (2018). “Multi-disciplinary involvement in social entrepreneurship education: A uniquely threaded ecosystem." Journal of Ethics & Entrepreneurship. 

Management Professor Mirchandani

Article Title: Mirchandani, D. & Peridis, T. (2014). Toward an Integrated Theory of Sustainability.
Economics, 5 (10), 1892-1901.

Entrepreneurship Assistant Professor Santos

Article Title: (2019). “Who is left out: Exploring social boundaries in entrepreneurial ecosystems.” Journal Of Technology Transfer.

Article Title: (2018a). “Entrepreneurship education in a poverty context: An empowerment perspective.” Journal of Small Business Management.

Article Title: (2018b). "Entrepreneurship ecosystems and women entrepreneurs: A social capital and network approach." Small Business Economics.

Article Title: (2018c). "Sustainable business models, venture typologies, and entrepreneurial ecosystems: A social network perspective." Journal of Cleaner Production.

Management Professor Edward Schoen

Article Title: (2019a). "Daraprim Specialty Drug Pricing: A Case Study." Southern Journal of Business and Ethics. 

Article Title: (2019b). "Masterpiece Cakeshop: A Case Study Brought to You by the U.S. Supreme Court." Southern Law Journal.  


Marketing and Business Information Systems

 Marketing Associate Dean Morris Kalliny

Article Title: (2019a) “Cultural Values in Magazine Advertising: A Comparative Study of the Arab World and the United States.” The Academy Of Marketing Studies Journal.

Article Title: (2019b). “The Impact of Media on Religious Conflict in Egypt.” Global Media Journal.

Article Title: (2018a). 2018a. “Affect as a Driver to Religious-Based Consumer Boycotts: Evidence from Qualitative and Quantitative Research in the United States.” International Journal of Consumer Studies.

Article Title: (2018b). "Do Consumers Discriminate Against Companies even when they are Green?" Journal of Global Marketing.

Supply Chain Assistant Professor Kuppusamy

Article Title: (2017). “Electric Vehicle Adoption Decisions in a Fleet Environment.” European Journal of Operational Research.