Research in Responsible Leadership

Research in Responsible Leadership

Center for Responsible Leadership Faculty Research

RCRL Research Fellows Program

The Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership Research Fellows program supports high-quality faculty research aligned with themes regarding responsible leadership and sustainable development goals. The program is designed to support early-stage research surrounding interdisciplinary business-in-society topics. The Research Fellows program particularly contributes to the Center’s mission of supporting the values of social responsibility, sustainability, and organizational ethics among faculty. Information and updates regarding the RCRL Fellows’ research will be provided during the Center’s events throughout the academic year.

2022-23 Research Fellows

The Center is excited to announce our 2022-23 Research Fellows: Joseph J. Henry, Ph.D., Tony Lin, Ph.D., Mahbubur Meenar, Ph.D., and Robert S. D’Intino, Ph.D.

Research Fellows Dr. Joseph J. Henry and Dr. Tony Lin will examine the relationship between air quality and accounting & finance activity. Their project, “Hazy days, hazy forecasts? PM2.5 pollution and sell-side analyst forecast accuracy” specifically follows the connection between sell-side analyst’s local air pollution and the accuracy of quarterly earnings forecasted in the United States market. For more informaiton on Dr. Henry and Dr. Lin's project please see the project abstract

Dr. Mahbubur Meenar’s Research Fellows project, “Community perceptions of food insecurity and an online grocery business model in Camden, New Jersey” seeks to understand the systemic causes of food insecurity in Camden and how residents recognize food insecurity and food equity. Additionally, to be explored is the functionality of the online grocery business model as a solution for local food insecurity.For more informaiton on Dr. Meenar's project please see the project abstract

Dr. Robert S. D’Intino’s Research Fellows project, “Corporate Citizenship and the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals” investigates the implementation of the corporate citizenship construct in modern business. Included is the examination of company commitments to citizenship and environmental sustainability, their actions for change, and the implications of relationships between corporations and communities. For more informaiton on Dr. D’Intino’s project please see the project abstract