Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

Responsible Leadership Teaching Resources

To support our mission, the Center provides teaching resources to faculty across campus to help integrate lessons, discussions, and assignments surrouding responsible leadership focus areas into their courses. Resources are provided as a tool to help faculty build a framework for students to understand and become responsible leaders. The Center's goal is to create accessible teaching materals that are easily incorporated into courses and embody the values of social responsibility, sustainability, and organizational ethics. 

Library Guide

The Center, in collaboration with Campbell Library, has developed a Library Guide as a beginner's tool to all topics regarding responsible business. The Library Guide is equipped with material for readings, case studies, media, and data sources useful for: 

  • Courses
  • Assignments
  • Research

Easily access responsible business content through our Library Guide here

RCRL Teaching Fellows Program

The Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership is dedicated to examining the relationships between business and society. In particular, the mission of the Center is to support the values of social responsibility, sustainability, and organizational ethics among students, faculty and community partners through the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles of Responsible Management Education.

The RCRL Teaching Fellows program helps faculty integrate discussion, assignments, and analysis of responsible leadership focus areas into their courses. 

Teaching Fellows will develop ‘learning modules’ – collections of pedagogical materials focused around a single issue, concept, or question – that can be readily adapted and integrated by college faculty into their courses.

Access the 2023 Teaching Fellows CFP here.

2022 Teaching Fellows

The Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership is pleased to announce our 2022 Teaching Fellows: Dr. Ted Howell (Dept. of Writing Arts & Dept. of Geography) and Dr. Rick Jonsen (Dept. of Management).

Dr. Ted Howell

"A Climate Policy Primer” - Introduces students to a top-level overview of climate change solutions and their costs/benefits through the lens of market-based policy interventions. Designed specifically as a 75-minute module that can be plugged-in to a class period by any instructor, the module will feature two engaging and interactive tools: the En-ROADS Climate Simulator and the YouTube video “How We Fix the Climate” by “vlogbrother,” author, and TikTok personality Hank Green.

Dr. Rick Jonsen

"Business Policy as Responsible Leadership: Integrating Sustainability OER into the Strategy Curriculum” - Aims to identify and develop cases, discussions, teaching notes, and other open source education resources (OER) for integrating SDG-based sustainability concepts into the reading, discussions, and assignments throughout the semester for undergraduate capstone business policy/strategy courses.

Supplementary Resources

Additional resources to supplement the material provided in the RCRL Library Guide are listed below: