RCRL Classes and Programs

RCRL Classes and Programs

RCRL Courses and Programs

RCRL Teaching Fellows Program

Wege Prize Competition

Degrees and Classes

Degree Programs

Some classes around campus relating to RCRL themes (check for updates!):

  • ECON 04210 Environmental Economics
  • ENST 94102 Human Nature: Introduction to Environmental & Sustainability Studies
  • ENST 94202 Sustainability Assessment
  • ENST 94301 Environmental Ethics
  • ENST 94303 Environmental Advocacy
  • ENST 94501 Sustainable Commerce (graduate)
  • ENST 94502 Sustainability Assessment (graduate)
  • ENST 94503 Perspectives on Environmental Regulation, Policy, and Law (graduate)
  • ENST 94504 Topics in Sustainability Innovation and Problem Solving (graduate)
  • GEOG 16301 Natural Resources, Capitalism, and Society
  • HIST 05373 Civil Rights and Black Power Movements
  • HIST 05422 Women in American History
  • HIST 05425 History of Feminisms
  • JRN 02319 Media Ethics
  • MGT 06346 Social Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 04510 Professional, Legal, and Managerial Responsibilities (graduate)
  • MGT 98242 Legal Environment of Business
  • POSC 07311 Women and American Politics
  • POSC 07323 Politics of Race, Poverty and Welfare in the US
  • POSC 07340 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  • POSC 07385 Environmental Policy
  • PHIL 09222 Business Ethics
  • PHIL 09240 Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 09346 Feminist Ethics
  • PHIL XXXXX Applied Ethics (graduate, new course)
  • SOC 08230 Sociology of Minority Groups
  • SOC 08330 Social Stratification
  • SOC 08370 Sociology of Women in Society
  • SOC 08400 Environment, Policy & Society
  • SOC 08493 Seminar on Gender Roles
  • SOC 08442 Environmental Justice: Race, Class, and Gender
  • SOC 08642 Global Environmental Justice and Social Change (graduate)

Repository of Teaching and Learning Materials (under construction - check back soon!)

Project-Based Learning at Rowan (check back for updates!)

RCRL Teaching Fellows Program

The Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership is dedicated to examining the relationships between business and society. In particular, the mission of the Center is to support the values of social responsibility, sustainability, and organizational ethics among students, faculty and community partners through the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles of Responsible Management Education. While the Center also supports scholarly research and public engagement, the purpose of the RCRL Teaching Fellows program is to help faculty integrate discussion, assignments, and analysis of responsible leadership focus areas into their courses. Teaching Fellows will develop ‘learning modules’ – collections of pedagogical materials focused around a single issue, concept, or question – that can be readily adapted and integrated by college faculty into their courses. 

The Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership is pleased to announce our 2022 Teaching Fellows: Dr. Ted Howell (Dept. of Writing Arts & Dept. of Geography) and Dr. Rick Jonsen (Dept. of Management).

Ted’s project, "A Climate Policy Primer” will introduce students to a top-level overview of climate change solutions and their costs/benefits through the lens of market-based policy interventions. Designed specifically as a 75-minute module that can be plugged-in to a class period by any instructor, the module will feature two engaging and interactive tools: the En-ROADS Climate Simulator and the YouTube video “How We Fix the Climate” by “vlogbrother,” author, and TikTok personality Hank Green.

Rick’s project, "Business Policy as Responsible Leadership: Integrating Sustainability OER into the Strategy Curriculum” aims to identify and develop cases, discussions, teaching notes, and other open source education resources (OER) for integrating SDG-based sustainability concepts into the reading, discussions, and assignments throughout the semester for undergraduate capstone business policy/strategy courses.

Wege Prize Competition

The Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership is proud to support participation in the Wege Prize competition!

The Wege Prize (rhymes with “egg-ee”) is a competition for undergraduate and graduate students looking to build a better future. Participants will collaborate across institutional, disciplinary, and cultural boundaries to redesign the way economies work. In particular, the 2021 competition is focused on the transition from a linear — throw-away — society to a circular economy with less waste, better design, and greater attention to environmental impacts.

In addition to being a great experience — you can win up to $30,000 in prizes! The competition is open to students from any major, including graduate students, who are interested in sustainability issues. You will work with Rowan faculty to put together an application to the program.

To get on the email list about participating in the Wege Prize, please complete the online form here: https://forms.gle/4iKTie3nyp6Hx6KM7 no later than October 6th, 2020.

Faculty, the Wege Prize is a great framework for learning about sustainability and the “circular economy” concept — check out the resources page for more info (http://www.wegeprize.org/#resources)!