Rohrer College of Business Change Major Requirements

Rohrer College of Business Change Major Requirements

Rowan Students Seeking to Change Major into the

Rohrer College of Business

The Requirements to apply:

  • Must have completed a minimum of 12 letter-graded credit hours at Rowan University.
  • Must have achieved an overall GPA of 2.5 earned at Rowan University.
  • MATH 03125 - Calculus Techniques & Applications or MATH 01130 - Calculus I must be completed. This may be in progress the semester of application. (see note below)*
  • STAT 02260 - Statistics I must be completed. This may be in progress the semester of application. (see note below)*
  • Demonstrated college proficiency in reading, writing, and computational skills as determined by Rowan University.

*Note: If the required math course(s) are in progress at Rowan at the time of application (Fall, Spring, Summer) and all of the other requirements are met, the student will be admitted provisionally to the major, pending successful completion of the required course(s) and the maintenance of the required GPA. At the end of the semester, if this is accomplished, the student remains in the major. If this is not accomplished, provisional acceptance will be withdrawn and the student will be returned to previous major. This includes maintaining the 2.5 GPA. If you previously failed Calculus or Statistics I, you must successfully complete it to be reconsidered, thus you will not be provisionally admitted.

How to Apply:


Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Access the RCB Change of Major 
Ensure all fields of the online form are filled in. Click "SUBMIT".
Print "Thank you for Applying"
response as verification that
your application has been
received. Be sure the date/time
stamp and web address are
included on the printout. 

Applications are reviewed in cycles based on the deadlines shown below.  For example, if you apply on December 16th, your application will be included with the February 15th cycle and you will be notified of an admission decision by March 1st.

Application Deadlines

Students Notified of Decision

May 15

June 1

August 15

September 1

September 15

October 1

December 15

January 15

February 15

March 1


The University Advising Center (UAC) is available to advise students prior to being admitted to the Rohrer College of Business. UAC is located on the 3rd Floor of Savitz Hall (room #323) or you can call the UAC to make an appointment: 856-256-4459.