Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Graduate program launches advisory board

RCB graduate program students and alumni are forging new relationships and taking their expertise to new levels through the recently launched Rohrer Graduate Student and Alumni Advisory Board

The College established RGSAAB last fall to build community connections that elevate the studentLinkedIn Workshop experience and the reputation of the Rohrer graduate program, said President Kaitlyn Anthony ’19, M’21. “Through networking, relationship building, seminars and other initiatives, we started to cultivate and celebrate diversity and leadership among business professionals within the MBA program,” said Anthony, a Bordentown resident. She explained that they wanted to find ways to connect students to build the Rohrer graduate program community but to also build a network for future career opportunities.

“Through the many things we do, we want our MBA students to build their professional portfolio and experience activities that they may not get to outside the MBA program,” Anthony said.

With the pandemic, RGSAAB developed virtual relationship-building and networking opportunities.

A recent initiative is the LinkedIn Peer Workshop. “We get together with a small group of students and review and critique each other’s LinkedIn profiles,” said Vice President Gabrielle Jean-Baptiste ’17, M’21. “LinkedIn is a very important tool, especially for MBA students. It can open a lot of doors and opportunities.”

Ask Me Anything event with Pfizer ExecutiveRGSAAB also hosted interactive “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sessions, where an executive from business or industry meets in small groups with RCB graduate students and alumni. Speakers have included executives from Pfizer, AtlantiCare and West Pharmaceutical Services.

“The sessions are informal yet professional, with a natural discussion emerging based on our questions and the insights shared. With no more than 10 students and alumni in each session with our invited executives, we are all able to be part of the conversation,” said Marc Castrillon ’19, M’21, RGSAAB director of community and membership.

“We want the students to have a good expert-level conversation with these industry experts,” said Assistant Dean Jennifer Maden. “We also want the industry experts to walk away having had an intellectually stimulating experience, very impressed by our students.”

In addition, RGSAAB presents expert webinars, which are similar to AMA, but on a much larger scale, with more than 100 attendees.

“We’re trying to create a close-knit community to enhance Rohrer graduate students through professional development workshops, social events and networking events that connect students, alumni and business leaders,” said Jean-Baptiste, a Williamstown resident.

Jean-Baptiste explained that RGSAAB helps Rohrer graduate programs advance and attract a moreAsk Me Anything event with Atlantic Executive diverse group of students. “Drawing students from different industry backgrounds, international students, all with varying career trajectories, brings different perspectives to the table, enhances the learning experience and expands the network and impact of Rowan MBAs,” she said.

If you are an alumnus or Executive Advisory Board member who would like to participate as an executive speaker during an AMA session or Expert Webinar, please email Jennifer Maden at