Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Supply chain and logistics gives companies an edge

Supply chain management — focusing on the flow of goods and services, often from conception to consumption — has many links but one purpose.

“The common goal is to satisfy the customer by providing the right product at the right time at the right quantity,” said Dr. Saravanan Kuppusamy, assistant professor of supply chain and logistics.Kuppusamy

Recognizing the importance of supply chain and logistics, RCB provides a unique program.

“Every school has a different way of delivering content,” Kuppusamy said. “In our supply chain program, we focus on approaches like project-based learning to deliver the content more effectively. That differentiates RCB from other schools.”

Within the classroom, students build real-world experience, analyze problems and present their recommendations to industry reps.

The field of supply chain and logistics has taken greater prominence in business with the evolution of information systems.

“You can have a fantastic marketing department, understand how consumers behave and have a great human resources department that can recruit people for you, but you need to know how to move the product, work with your partner companies and coordinate their efforts for the flow of goods,” Kuppusamy said.

“Supply chain and logistics make companies competitive,” he said.