Employer Advisory Council

Employer Advisory Council

New advisory board hones students’ competitive edge

With the recent launch of RCB’s Employer Relations Council (ERC), the College will tap into a new source ofAdvisory Council real-world experience and guidance to help students rise above the competition.

This is just one of the many advisory councils that guide RCB, served by industry and business professionals who offer insight and guide the College as it prepares students for the work world. The 10 recruiting and human resources professionals on the ERC will share hiring trends and provide direction to the Rohrer Center for Professional Development (RCPD).

“There’s never been a better time than during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring together our partners to understand where the industry is going,” said Amie Ryno, RCPD manager. “The field is changing a lot. It’s becoming much more digital than it was before. Employers have found that they can attract talent without necessarily needing to go on campus, so we are constantly reevaluating how we can keep strong partnerships but stay on trend and have great opportunities for our students.”

“We think it will also give us insight into the soft skill development and even hard skill development that our students are going to need moving into the workplace,” said Elisabeth Parker, RCPD employer relations associate. For example, students will get a leg up in the hiring process by learning the types of software employers are using, obtaining in-demand certifications and understanding interviewing trends.

Interview-savvy job candidates increasingly use power stories, a technique where they share anecdotes highlighting their accomplishments and strengths. “Students need to be able to describe and exhibit the skills they have through storytelling in the interview process,” Parker said. “Staying current on making sure students understand how to tell their stories is going to help them ultimately land a job or internship.”

The ERC also will partner with other RCB advisory councils to update everyone on recruiting and hiring trends.  

“For example, we are bringing three of our ERC members to present a recruiting panel at the Dean’s Executive Advisory Council meeting,” Parker said. “Not only are our members and students benefiting from collaborating with each other, we’re providing benefits to our employer partners to stay in tune with what’s going on in the industry and other industries.”