Sustainability MBA

Sustainability MBA

Program combines B.A. in environmental and sustainability studies with M.B.A.

Industry leaders face a pivotal moment that will dramatically influence the future for business students.

“We’re in the middle of an environmental crisis around the world as far as global climate change and issues related to climate change,” said Dr. Jordan Howell, co-director and associate professor of environmental and sustainability studies in Rowan’s School of Earth & Environment and associate professor of sustainable business in the Rohrer College of Business (RCB). “People are more aware than ever of how our economic and industrial activities cause pollution and habitat loss.”Environmental MBA

To equip students to address these challenges, the University launched a joint degree program last fall that allows students to earn a B.A. in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and an M.B.A. in five years.

“At the Davos World Economic Forum in January, one of the major themes was the idea of sustainable business and the role of stakeholders in business beyond owners and shareholders,” Howell said.

Pairing the Environmental and Sustainability Studies undergraduate degree with an M.B.A. degree gives students more direct options, said Jennifer Maden, RCB assistant dean and director of graduate studies. “Careers in earth and environmental sustainability are becoming more and more important, but sometimes it’s harder to identify your career path at the point of that first entry-level job. Many times, the jobs that are out there that are clearly defined as relating to sustainability require more professional expertise or knowledge beyond the earth and environmental sciences content, and the combined degrees also allow students to further differentiate themselves.”

Sustainable MBA

Students save time and tuition through the combined program. In addition, Maden emphasized that the program is flexible for students who land full-time positions after receiving their bachelor’s degree and want to complete their M.B.A. part-time.

Sustainability paired with business practices is becoming increasingly necessary and desired, she explained. “It’s an area that is growing in terms of the types of jobs and the types of opportunities.”

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