Annabella Halbruner

Annabella Halbruner

Internships clarify career goals for finance major

Student in front of Business Hall

Annabella Halbruner ’23 majored in finance because she liked working with numbers and knew the field offers a broad range of career options. But her internships solidified her commitment and helped her discover more about her passions.

Halbruner began an internship with the Rohrer Center for Professional Development (RCPD) in 2020 after transferring to Rowan. “It’s taught me so much and exposed me to networking, how to work with employers and how to ask meaningful questions,” said the Cape May resident. “I have met multiple CEOs of different companies, so many recruiters and Rowan alumni, and it has given me a very strong network for a college student.”

Halbruner said she built on lessons with her RCB professors through the experience she gained with theStudent with Business Hall sign RCPD. “Amie Ryno provides an amazing work environment that empowered me to grow, learn, explore and develop professionally,” she said.

Halbruner also gained another benefit from her RCPD internship. She landed a second internship with HFM Investment Advisors LLC in Glassboro.

The HFM internship, continuing from January to August 2022, took her to Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce and other events, further expanding her network and skills.

“The biggest part was how much client experience I’ve gained, and it made me realize that I enjoy helping people achieve their goals,” Halbruner said. “That’s a correlation between both of my internships. With the RCPD, I helped students achieve their career goals, helping them with their resumes, gaining networking experience and talking with employers. On the other side, the HFM internship focused on financial goals. I enjoyed interning in the financial field because there was something new every day. Each client was different and needed different tasks completed.”

Student studying She was surprised to discover how much she will still learn after earning her degree and training for a position.

“You are never finished learning, and there is an expectation, especially in the finance field, no matter what route you take, that you are going to continue learning, whether it is through modules, earning a certification, going back to school or staying up to date on finance topics and news,” she said.

As she weighs her options for the future, Halbruner is considering corporate finance and wants to work in a large team. “But I still want to work for a company that is going to help people with their goals,” she said.