Expert Webinars

Expert Webinars

RCB webinars provide career-making information

Using desktops to digital devices, businesspeople can now find advice on trends in their field through free RCB expert webinars.

“We pull together expertise that we can share with students, staff, faculty, alumni, prospective and current students, and industry,” said RCB Assistant Dean Jen Maden.

Recent webinars spanned a wide field of interests, including the implications for cryptocurrencies andExpert Panelists blockchain, cannabis business opportunities in New Jersey, the business of sustainability, the business of healthcare and medicine, managing and mitigating many of the cybersecurity risks, finance during economic uncertainty and virtual business model strategies. Topics center on areas offering strong career paths in the region for MBA graduates.

“We make sure these topics are areas of interest and value to industry, where Rowan University can also provide intellectual insight and spark new ideas for people in industry as well,” Maden said.

For example, one recent panel discussed the 21st century phenomena of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

“It’s a hot topic,” Maden said. “A lot of people don’t understand it, but they want to.”

Each webinar features a moderated portion followed by a question-and-answer session. “I think that’s a big part of the satisfaction as well because the audience can ask their own questions,” she said.

As part of the learning experience, MBA students and recent alumni help shape questions and sometimes even participate to moderate the panel discussions while learning from experts.

“Most importantly, they’re building transferable skills through direct interaction with experts and executives in a digital format,” Maden said.

Such experience likely will increase graduates’ marketability as more professional development experiences, meetings, conferences and strategic planning sessions are delivered virtually.

To access previous and future webinars, visit the RCB expert webinar page.