Center for Experiential Learning

Center for Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Rohrer College of Business (RCB) has established several learning opportunities for students with professional organizations which benefit student growth and organizational performance.  Students are offered a variety of real-world experiences including tax preparation, financial market research, an enterprise computing software, and much more.

Project Based Learning and the Rohrer College of Business

Project-based learning is an educational initiative offered at Rowan University, developed by the Rohrer College of Business. Its chief purpose is to bring real-world projects into the classroom, and in some cases, bring the classroom to the real world. Working with actual clients on worthwhile projects creates a sense of pride and value for students, in addition to providing crucial experience. Projects provide local businesses with beneficial services and increase Rowan's reputation as a collaborative university. Past clients include:

  • Borough of Clayton
  • Banks Industrial Group
  • Dayna's Party Rentals & Catering
  • Jimmy John’s
  • Protocol Group
  • Rowan Innovation Venture Fund
  • Rowan Virtual Reality Center

How Does Project Based Learning Work?

Projects must relate to one of the following functional areas: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing. Project request will be reviewed by the Project Manager who will set up an initial meeting with the client to discuss goals, expectations, etc. If the project is accepted, the Project Manager will work to assign the project to a specific course and faculty member according to the project goals. Projects are completed during the semester and will begin in September or January (some projects may be available for completion during the summer). 

For More Information, visit the Project Based Learning Page.

Project Request Form

Ready to participate? Submit the Project Request Form to start the process.

Student Forms

In order to complete the process, students must also complete the Rowan Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement. These documents can be returned to Director Steven Kozachyn at

SAP University Alliance

SAP AG is the world's leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Their programs are widely used to integrate business functions including sales, accounting, logistics, human resources, and manufacturing. The SAP University Alliance is designed to provide university faculty members throughout the world with the tools and resources they need to teach students how technology can enable integrated business processes and strategic thinking.

To accomplish this, SAP provides its business software to hundreds of universities and technical institutes in more than 50 countries for use in disciplines such as business, IT, computer science, and engineering. By providing advanced technologies, such as those supporting next-generation IT architectures around key business processes, the SAP University Alliance program helps universities and technical institutes develop highly qualified graduates who will contribute to the core competencies of their future employers.

With hundreds of member campuses actively involved in the SAP University Alliance program, opportunities for collaboration are extensive. Members work together on undertakings including research, publishing, curriculum development, and intercampus business simulations. As a result, faculty and students from different campuses around the globe have opportunities to collaborate on virtual team projects.

Bloomberg Terminal Certification

Business Hall is currently equipped with the Rowan University Trading Room, which provides students an opportunity to apply their knowledge of financial markets in a realistic setting. The main component of the trading room is the 12 Bloomberg Terminals, which are a state-of-the-art tool used by industry professionals to access real-time market data, news, and analysis. Bloomberg Terminals feature a 24/7, global financial services system with over 20 years of company financials and market data. The experience of using Bloomberg Terminals and managing a portfolio gives the students a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.​

Students seeking careers as traders, fund managers, and investment bankers will be able to develop valuable skills in analyzing and using this data which will improve their competitiveness in the job market. Bloomberg has enabled students to demonstrate their knowledge and skill when it comes to the product by offering training and proof through its 'certification' program. After completing certain training and exam requirements, Bloomberg will issue you a number and certificate that will provide evidence of your accomplishment, which is a noteworthy achievement to include on your resume.


Click the link above for instructions on how to complete the Bloomberg Certificate.

For general information on Bloomberg's Certificate Courses, visit the Bloomberg Certificate Courses page.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)

Offered for over 35 years at Rowan and presented in partnership with the Internal Revenue Service, free tax help is available through the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program.  Typically offered from February through April, Rowan University VITA Certified Students meet with community members that qualify for the free program in Business Hall. The VITA program generally offers tax return preparation and e-filing to people who earn $54,000 or less annually.