Master of Business Administration: Sustainable Business

Master of Business Administration: Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business Concentration in Rowan's MBA

With the most customizable MBA curriculum in the region, you’ll have the ability to hone your skills in specific areas of business – or explore building knowledge across sectors -- to expand your insights and set yourself apart from the competition.


MBA Curriculum Requirements and Options

All Rowan MBA students pursue the same 18 credits of to satisfy core requirements of the 36-credit curriculum. Rowan MBA students also enjoy the freedom of customizing 18 credits to meet career pursuits. The flexible, customized 18 credits are pursued via six 3-credit courses: two areas of concentration or one area of concentration and three elective courses.

Rowan MBA students can choose two related Concentrations to build significant depth, two distinct Concentrations to build breadth, or even choose one concentration and three elective courses across disciplines to gain a wide view from varying perspectives.


Sustainable Business Concentration Coursework - Proposed and targeted to launch Spring 2022*

  • Examine the impacts of “green” industries, products, and business practices and gain expertise on how to implement sustainability-oriented changes in areas ranging from operations and product design to finance, marketing, and human resources management.

Rowan MBA students select 3 courses, or 9 credits, from the below courses to satisfy pursuit of a Sustainable Business Concentration:

Course Number Title S.H. (Credits)
MGT 06530 Sustainable Commerce 3
MGT 06531 Sustainability Assesment 3
MGT 06532 Topics in Sustainability Innovation and Problem Solving 3
ENT 06505 Entrepreneurship & Innovation 3
ENT 06506 Corporate Entrepreneurship and New Venture Development 3
ENT 06601 Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing for Change 3
ACC 03507 Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting 3