Rohrer Center for Professional Development

Rohrer Center for Professional Development

Welcome to the RCB Center for Professional Development! 

Your Career Success Is Our Business!

The Rohrer College of Business Center for Professional Development (RCPD) will provide business students with the tools necessary to navigate the job and internship search process and to become career-ready. The career education received through the RCPD will enable Rohrer College of Business students to graduate with the ability to find meaningful employment in their chosen field.  Interested in discovering upcoming opportunities provided by the RCPD? Check out our ProfLink page for the latest events.


RCPD Spring 2024 Master Calendar
RCPD Spring 2024 Career Coaching 

Meet the Team

Meet the RCPD team and learn what exciting programs the center offers. Schedule time to meet and plan your future career.

Schedule of Events

Looking for career and networking events? Find details on upcoming events here. The RCPD features weekly and key events throughout the semester. Don't miss out!

Career Resources

Find resources and tools for professional development. From job search sites to interview tips, you'll find these links helpful in whatever stage of professional development you are in.

Internship Program

The Supervised Internship Program may be taken as a free elective, business elective or an elective within the specialization.




Students should consult with their academic advisor or with the faculty member responsible for the Supervised Internship Program within their area of specialization.

Career Curriculum

If you are taking a course with one of the Career Development Modules embedded into it, click here to find more information about the curriculum and to answer your questions.

Employer Engagement

Are you an employer looking to get involved on Rowan's campus or to recruit our students? If so you will find more information on how to get started here.