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Student Information

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There’s a saying “Experience is the Best Education”. What if we told you that you can gain industry-accepted experience for no additional cost or time and while taking classes? The Rohrer College of Business Center for Experiential Learning (RCEL) provides students with the opportunity to gain resume-noted experience while accumulating credits towards your diploma. RCEL partners regional entrepreneurs, small/large businesses and non-profit organizations (the clients) with students in providing potential solutions to issues preventing that company from succeeding. This is a very unique opportunity for students to have an impact on an organizations success.


PBL Course Offerings: Fall 2020- Spring 2019

Student Requirements:

Every course has specific requirements regrarding your participation in Project Based Learning. You may be asked to agree to one or more of the following:

Code of Ethics: This program is very outward-facing. In other words, you will be representing not only yourself but the Rohrer College of Business AND Rowan University. As such, we have compiled a code of ethics to help guide you during your PBL project. Please review the code of ethics here.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): While working with an organization (the client), you may be privy to certain confidential information. The attached NDA provides the client with the satisfaction that you will keep whatever information you learned to yourself. You can see the Non-Disclosure Agreement here.

Statement of Work: Once you and your client are matched, you will collaborate with the client and develop a document describing the work to be performed by the student team. The team members, the client and faculy member all sign this Statement of Work ensuring the project is feasible and reducing the opportunity for ‘scope creep’ where objectives change mid-project. You can see a sample of a standard Statement of Work here.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

FAQ'S for Client PageWe suspect you may have some questions. Based on our years of student-led projects, we have tried to compile a list of commonly asked questions. 

Please review the following FAQ’s to answer any questions you may have. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Rohrer Center of Experiential learning at or please call 856-256-4126.