Marketing Minor

The program is based on the required marketing coursework of the major in marketing with the addition of a different capstone experience, The Marketing Plan (MKT09.390), which would focus on the components of market planning rather than the integration of a broader wealth of information and training as is currently required in the capstone course required of marketing majors. The addition of one elective course from the 12 currently offered allows students some flexibility and customization when developing their program of study.

Program Structure: Marketing Minor Requirements

I. Required Prerequisites Courses (Prerequisites in Parentheses)

  • STAT02.260 Statistics I (Equivalent of College Algebra)
II. Required Marketing Courses (Prerequisites in Parentheses)
  • MKT09.200 Principles of Marketing (College Comp I, 12 s.h.)
  • MKT09.376 Consumer Behavior (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.384 Research Methods (Principles of Marketing, Statistics I, Comp II, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.379 International Marketing (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.386 The Marketing Plan (Consumer Behavior, International Marketing)

III. Electives (Select one 300 or 400 level course from the list below)

  • MKT09.375 Business Logistics (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.391 Business to Business Marketing (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.305 Internet Marketing (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.350 Mgmt of Advertising & Promotion (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.360 Marketing Channels (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.315 Personal Selling (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.378 Product/Price/New Venture (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.372 Retailing (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.382 Salesforce Management (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.360 Services Marketing (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.390 Selected Topics in Marketing (Principles of Marketing, 57 s.h.)
  • MKT09.411 Supervised Internship in Marketing (Major within COB, Principles of Marketing, 9 s.h. in 300 level marketing courses)

IV. Total Credits for Minor: 21 s.h.

V. To apply for the minor students must complete a minimum of 12 and maximum of 90 semester hours, and hold at least a 2.5 GPA.  Application for the minor is made in person through Dr. Phillip Lewis. To schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Lewis by emailing