B.S. in Marketing

B.S. in Marketing

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

The mission of the Marketing Program is to prepare students for marketing careers in a rapidly changing business, social, and political environment. The primary goal of this program is to provide students with a full understanding of the functions of business organizations and prepare them to be strong contributors to the marketing function of their organizations.

Annual Student Data
Fall 2019 Majors: 446
2018-2019 Graduates: 150

Marketing is one of the most important functions in business that connects companies with their customers. It is a dynamic and exciting field that combines art with science. Developing a successful marketing strategy encompasses many tasks including marketing research, product or service design, branding, effective communication & promotional programs, pricing, and distributing products to customers.

As a graduate of the Rohrer College of Business, we expect that you will not only be prepared for your first professional job but that you will also be able to continue to learn and develop in order to adapt to career and life changes. While a student at the Rohrer College of Business, you will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world. Such that, experiential learning is emphasized early on and strengthened in the upper division classes through project based learning.

Marketing majors have the option to concentrate on one of six marketing tracks: Sales, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Communication, Marketing Channel, Digital Marketing, and International Marketing. These tracks provide students an opportunity to focus on specific areas within the marketing discipline and better prepare for a career. While pursuing a track is optional, it is highly recommended. Click here for information about the marketing tracks.

For full information about the Marketing degree refer to the marketing program requirements.

Certificate Programs

In addition to the Bachelor of Science degree, the Rohrer College of Business offers a certificate program tailored towards marketing and management students.  The Certificate of Undergraduate Studies: Global Business will provide students with a broader understanding of the impact of a global economic environment on business functions.  Students will have a thorough understanding of the interdependencies between the functional/skill area of business when working in a global market.

Student Organizations

Students who study Marketing will have the opportunity to participate and network within the American Marketing Association. Our award winning chapter has numerous programs for professional development through professional speakers and industry series as well as networking opportunities.

For more information contact Rowan Chapter President: Josh Sivel or Advisor: Dr. Nina Krey


The Marketing Internship course includes field experience in government, industry, or non-profit organizations. Trainees are given assignments that prepare them for productive employment upon graduation and in many cases, become employees of these firms. The learning process is monitored by a Marketing faculty member to ensure successful transition from the classroom to the career environment. These are just a few of the organizations that offer internships to Rohrer marketing students:

  • Comcast
  • Enterprise Holdings
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Sony
  • Subaru of America Inc
  • TD Bank
  • Target

Career Opportunities and Outlook

A marketing degree offers students many career opportunities in advertising, marketing research, retailing, selling, event planning, purchasing, logistics, customer relations, public relations and strategic planning. The Department of Marketing and Business Information Systems prides itself with its achieving alumni. Our graduates demonstrate high achievement in a wide range of careers in both profit and non-profit organizations.

Looking for Career Opportunities? Register on Profs Jobs or check out some of the resources below to learn more about a future in marketing.

These are just a few of the organizations that have hired our alumni:

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Accenture
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Bently
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Coca Cola Enterprises
  • IBM
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Merill Lynch
  • New Jersey State Department of the Treasury
  • WHYY


All current undergraduate students in the Rohrer College of Business are advised by professional advisors, which are listed below. Students may make appointments with their advisor using the Rowan Success Network, powered by Starfish.

For advising contact information, please visit the advising page.

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